Review – Panasonic WET/DRY Epilator ES-WD94-P


If you’ve been following my blog, you probably would have read my recent post on the Panasonic event “Beauty of Empowerment” Bloggers Workshop I’ve attended.

Upon the event, I was presented with 2 big bags of Panasonic products and now I’m ready to review one of the products which is the newest Panasonic WET/DRY Epilator.


Panasonic WET/DRY Epilator (ES-WD94-P) – S$169

Wet/Dry Epilator gently illuminates hairs on the body and hard dry skin on the heels without drying up the skin. Fully immersible, the epilator can be used in the bath with lather for a refreshing, regenerating experience, or used dry wherever, whenever it’s convenient.

It is designed with 6 interchangeable head attachments and LED Light.

6-in-1 Hair Removal System

Shaver head, beginner cap, foot care head, gentle cap and bikini comb attachments provide an all-in-one hair removal package.

It actually comes with a pouch that is great for traveling.

Each head is unique, for example this tweezer head is designed with rotating tweezing discs to help capture long and fine hairs easily.

Though one of the main functions for this Panasonic WET/DRY Epilator ES-WD94-P is to help remove unwanted hair on arm, leg or armpit; but since I do not have any hair to remove on these areas, I will test the Gentle Foot Care function to remove my hard dry skin on the heels.

So this is the head I’m going to use for the foot care. This fine and wide remover stones will rotate automatically to remove hard dry skin speedily and smoothly without damaging the skin. This head has to be used on a dry condition.

I will need to charge the epilator for approximately an hour before I use it.

When the epilator is fully charged, the red light will start blinking once (or twice after 10 minutes upon charging completed). The epilator cannot be operated while charging.

I can then use the cordless epilator for about 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the heads I’m using.

So I’m now ready for the action………..

Wow!! I must say I actually enjoyed the shedding process very much! I can actually see snow flakes (dead skin) flying around while shedding. Love seeing the dead skin removed! Be sure to spread a newspaper sheet on the floor before the task. The built-in LED light automatically lights up when the head touches the skin.

Isn’t it cool? Now you see it and now you don’t! The result is amazing! WOW!!! Say goodbye to my stubborn hard and dry skin! And say hello to a smooth and clean skin!

It’s super easy breezy! I actually spent about 5 to 10 minutes on each foot. With this epilator, I don’t have to scrub really hard with the foot file anymore. The result is even better than going for a spa pedicure.

The epilator is now covered with dead skin!

I can use this tiny brush to clean them off!

WOW!! See the dead skin on the paper?

In fact, my hubby enjoys exfoliating his rough, dry elbow skin using this epilator too! :D

Panasonic WET/DRY Epilator (ES-WD94-P) is retailing at S$169.

For more info on Panasonic products, click here to visit their new “Beauty of Empowerment” website.


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5 Comments on "Review – Panasonic WET/DRY Epilator ES-WD94-P"

  1. Qbrium says:

    Thank you for this post! I have been promote this panasonic epilator, specially because the foot-part. Now when you have taken so many pictures, its eiser to show people what I mean with: “this is REALLY effectiv!”.

  2. Erin says:

    Shirleen, thanks for the review. I think this epilator is great because Panasonic has included so many attachments that let you use it on just about any part of your body. I love the footcare buffer. That is a lot of dead skin. Your foot looks so much better.

  3. B.cindy says:

    I have it and I’m grateful to it. before using it I had trouble because of pain and redness.It has 48 rotating tweezers and ıt ıs more from some others

  4. Prince Molak says:

    I recently bought the Panasonic Wet Dry Epilator and its been a wonderful Experience so Far I don’t have any ingrowth

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