Review – AFC Green Beauty, A Beauty Supplement With Detoxifying Benefits


Japanese women are known for their beautiful and youthful-looking skin. And regular consumption of beauty supplements is one of their beauty secrets for radiance skin. As they believe that beautiful skin actually starts from the inside out.

Many weeks back in May, I was invited to review a beauty supplement named “Green Beauty” from AFC Japan.

Green Beauty contains small molecular, readily absorbable blend of micronized Organic Greens with Micro-Collagen Peptides, that help cleanse the body while replenishing it with essential nutrients for renewed body and glowing skin.

Are you having a dull-looking skin? If yes, it may be due to various factors such as stress, imbalanced diet, constipation or sedentary lifestyle. These unhealthy lifestyle and diet can cause acidic body pH and accumulated body toxins.

Therefore a proper detox program such as Green Beauty may help cleanse, detoxify the body and turn the acidic body pH to a more alkalize body pH. Green Beauty, with antioxidant properties, is also claimed to help stimulates collagen production, promotes skin firmness, clarity and radiance; and improves cellular repair and renewal.

Green Beauty has a dual-action formula. Using proprietary ultra-fine blending technology with micronized essential greens and collagen peptides, it detoxifies and nourishes both the body and skin. It is claimed to have the highest solubility, absorption, nutrition and taste.

Each box of Green Beauty is packed with 30 sachets (5g) and it can be readily consumed anytime, anywhere. When taken in the morning, Green Beauty serves as an ideal cleansing and nutritious drink to kickstart your day, and when Green Beauty is taken before bedtime, it works in synergy with body’s natural skin repair and renewal process.

Green Beauty contains 2,500mg Micro-Collagen and is 100% natural. It is FREE of preservatives and coloring; and it is only 18.6kcal per serving.

The expired date is printed on the box and sachets.

Green Beauty’s key ingredients and their benefits :

Organic Barley Grass – Highest SOD

Rich in Beta-Carotene, Iron, Enzymes and Chlorophyll. Protects against free radical damage and aging. Cleanses blood and alkalinizes body pH.

Organic Kale – Insoluble Fibers Aid Detox & Bowel Movements

Rich in Amino Acids, Insoluble Fiber, Iron, Selenium, Vitamin K, Omega-3 and -6 Fatty Acids. Supports healthy bowel movements and elimination of wastes and toxins. Relieves skin allergies and promotes healthy, rosy complexion.

Shizuoka Green Tea – Potent Antioxidants for Anti-aging Protection

Premium Japanese Green Tea rich in Polyphenols (Catechins) and Theanine. Reduce UV damage and promotes skin repair and renewal.

Hydrolyzed Micro-Collagen – Readily Absorbable 2,500mg Micro-Collagen Peptides

Micro-sized collagen with only 1/60 the size of normal collagen molecules for maximum body absorption to replenish and stimulate collagen production for firm, youthful skin.


Green Beauty dissolves easily in hot and cold water. I can actually add Green Beauty to milk, honey or soy milk for a unique tasty drink!

Green Beauty tastes very much like green tea to me. And the best taste is when it is mixed with just water, regardless it is hot or cold.

The second best taste is when it is added to my morning breakfast tea.

I have tried adding Green Beauty to my favorite freshly squeezed orange juice. So what is the taste like? Well it tastes very much like a fresh fruit and vegetable juice.


As Green Beauty is packed in a sachet, I can enjoy detox anywhere anytime daily. After consuming Green Beauty for a week, I realized the number of bowel movements has increased slightly. Instead of once a day or none at times, I now have twice or maybe three times a day.

During the first week, due to the detoxification, my stomach feels a little uncomfortable at times which is bearable and I tend to fart a little more too. Hence I decided to stop consuming it for a week to see if my bowel movement will be back to normal.

And now I have almost completed the whole box (30 sachets) and I’m physically feeling great! My bowel movement has improved with one movement per day and it is soft and easy to pass. I’m feeling more energetic, alert and focused. It seems like my food craving has reduced too. I have somewhat lost the urge to munch on something in the middle of the day and at night. My skin appears a little less dull though it is not very significant.

If you are looking for a beauty supplement with detoxifying benefits, then you may want to consider giving Green Beauty a try.

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Green Beauty is retailing at $64.90 with 30 sachets per box. It is now exclusively available at Watsons stores. Or you can purchase it at AFC Japan website at


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