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For the longest time, I have always been troubling with my premature greying hair. It started with a few strands when I was barely 20 years old. And now at 40s, there are almost 60% of grey hair covering all over my head. Thanks to my mom for the bad genes. :-(

And Lately, I am also troubling by hair loss. Hair become fragile and fall off easily. There are unsightly tiny bald spots on the crown and in front of the hairline. My hair also appear thinner too.

I feel so helpless and actually contemplate consulting a hair specialist and getting a scalp treatment done at one of the hair care centres here. I hold back the idea eventually as I was very skeptical of the result and having doubt if the treatment really works.

Fortunately 2 weeks ago, I was given an opportunity to experience a complimentary scalp treatment at TK TrichoKare @ Wheelock Place outlet. Thanks to TheSampleStore for extending this invitation to me.


As it was my first hair and scalp treatment and prior to it, I was pretty excited and actually looking forward to it. TK TrichoKare is considered one of the reputed holistic hair and scalp centres in Singapore with Diana Ser as their spokeswoman.

Unlike Beijing 101 and Yunnan that use Chinese herbal remedies, TK TrichoKare uses premium European botanicals to treat hair condition. European botanical herbal remedies such as Jojoba, Rosemary, Burdock, Horsetail, Sage, Leopard’s Bane, Aloe Vera and Lavender are used to cater to all hair conditions.

TrichoKare specialises in treating hair and scalp problems including hair loss, greasy scalp, dandruff and many more, with the use of European herbal hair remedies. They offer a range of hair care programmes that are specially tailored for individual needs.

TrichoKare’s treatments are all validated by trichologist and TrichoKare’s products are formulated by herbalist.

Prior to the treatment, I was given a short tour of the facilities and the centre. The relaxing spa-quality environment provides an ultimate rejuvenating experience.

This private room is especially catered for Hair Weaving Treatment. This special hair treatment helps add up of hair to the scalp by weaving or braiding of hair.

Here’s their cozy hair washing area.

These octopus-looking machines are mounted above each cubicle.

The treatment session began with a scalp check. The hair consultant first analyzed my scalp (oily or dry) by gently rubbing it with her fingers. I was shocked to be told that my scalp is actually dry and not oily as I always thought. All these while, I have been using shampoos that are specially formulated for oily scalp, not knowing that I actually have dry scalp. Thankfully it wasn’t too late to find out and make the switch. ;-)

After which, she then placed a scalp applicator on 4 different areas of the scalp (crown, the back, right and left side of the head) for a precise scalp diagnosis.

Wow! My scalp on the left side of my head (just above left ear) was infected with red spots. Inflamed scalp is mainly due to fungal infections and can be treated easily. I was also shocked to see layer of dead skin on the scalp (white patchy skin) too. Eeee!! These dead scalp skin can to be removed with treatment.

I have inflamed scalp on the right side of my head too which is milder. Usually there are 2 to 3 strands of hair grow from each hair follicle. As most people lose about 100 hair per day, so when a hair is lost from the follicle, a new hair will be replaced on the same follicle. But when scalp or hair follicle becomes unhealthy, hair will fall easily and when hair follicle is damaged, no new hair may grow back on the same follicle again.  If there is only one strand of hair grows from a single follicle, your hair will overall appear limper without much volume.

Most of my grey hair are actually situated around the crown area. I was told that grey hair cannot be eliminated but can be controlled or prevented with proper scalp treatment. If I have ever started the treatment earlier in my 30s (10 years ago) for example, that probably have only 30% of grey hair, I might be able to prevent new grey hair from forming and even reduce the percentage by 5%. Well, it’s too late now hiaz!

I have also learned that if there are more than 2 hairs grow from the same follicle and one appears thinner than the other, it is likely that the finer one is the newer hair. Now I know why my hair has became finer, limper and flat in the recent years.

Like any other part of the body, hair follicle need nutrients too in order to stay strong and produce healthy hair. Taking good care of the scalp and hair follicle is essential to allow the nutrients to be absorbed into the hair cells.

After washing my hair, the therapist applied an Energy Serum on my scalp and follow with a 5-minute massage. This unique hair serum, rich in proteins and minerals, helps to re-balance scalp environment, nourish hair cells, soothe scalp and detoxify damaged hair follicles. It contains essence of spiral algae, a highly nutritive marine organism.

Love the greenish-colored heavy shoulder pad on my shoulder. It is so soothing and I felt so relaxing.

After applying a hair tonic that helps rejuvenate my scalp, control itchiness and soothe the dry scalp, the therapist then followed with a whole head scalp massage that helps promote circulation. Super relaxing, love it to the max! Z z z z z…..

She also applied Activo (hair serum) on my hair ends and black & shine hair coat on the whole head. This “octopus-looking” infrared heat machine helps penetrate the hair nutrients into the hair cells.

After one single treatment, I’m actually very pleased with the result. The infected scalp and the dead scalp skin have significantly been reduced. Overall, the scalp appear cleaner and healthier. I’m glad to have learned some precious hair tips from both the consultant and the therapist. And most importantly to find out more about my actual condition of my hair and scalp during the scalp check. This is something I wouldn’t be able to detect with my naked eyes.

During this treatment, one important thing I’ve learned is that to prevent hair loss, it is essential to maintain a healthy scalp. A healthy scalp is important for optimal hair growth. So tempted to sign up a package actually.


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6 Comments on "Review – TK TrichoKare Scalp Treatment"

  1. Sherly says:

    Hi Shirleen, I want to ask u about, how many time we should go for the hair treatment, and every a week, or month ? because i’m not staying in singapore, and would like to try about the Tk hairloss treatment.

    Thanks before

  2. admin says:

    Hi Sherly,

    Depending on your hair loss condition, the TK consultant will usually advise you to go once every fortnight but for me I will go every once per month.

  3. Jenny says:

    Hi, do they hard sell package like those slimming salons? Wanted to try but also worried about singing up thousand of dollars for the full treatment.

  4. Shirleen says:

    Hi Jenny,

    It depends, sometimes they do. Just be sure what you want before commit on a package.

  5. Amelly says:

    Hi,sherly,can i check with you roughly how much per treatment you had done? Thanks.

    • Shirleen says:

      Hi Amelly,

      It was a complimentary treatment for the above. I reckon for most treatments are priced around $100+ to $300.

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