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Are you suffering from any constipation, bad breath or dull-looking skin lately? It may be due to your poor digestive system. So what do these problems got to do with digestive system? Well, do continue reading to find out more about the importance and benefits of a inner cleanse system.

A month ago, I have received a complimentary box of CHO BEAUTY from AFC Japan. CHO BEAUTY, a supplement from Japan, has 5 Patents Awarded that is scientifically proven to regulate intestinal health. It is 3 times more powerful than live culture.


About AFC Japan

AFC Japan is a leading Japanese brand, trusted by millions in Japan since 1969 for their health, beauty and wellness needs. Lifestream Group is the exclusive distributor of AFC Japan products in Singapore and Southeast Asia.


How Clean Are You Internally?

Do you experience :

- Acne, dull or sallow complexion            - Bloated discomfort

- Constipation or diarrhea                        - Overweight

- Bad breath                                           – Thinning hair

- Poor immunity                                      - Yeast infection

- Sluggish, low energy levels                    - Inability to absorb nutrients

If you experience any of the 3 symptoms above, your intestines are aging faster than you are.


The 3 – Second Stool Check

A simple stool check daily will give you a good indication of your intestinal health.


Healthy Digestive System = Good Health

In the human body, the intestines form an important part of the digestive process. The intestinal structure is made up of the small intestine and the high intestine. For a healthy digestive system, both the small and big intestines have to be in good working order.

Everyday, your diet and lifestyle choices play a part in your intestinal health. A diet high in refined/processed foods, sugars and saturated fat leads to accumulated waste and toxin build up in the body. The poor digestive system will result in symptoms like a dull complexion, sluggish body system, bad breath, constipation, smelly stools and digestive problems.


Do You Know?

Waste buildup in your intestines and along your intestinal walls increases bad bacteria, parasites and affects the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.



S$74.90 / 135g (4.5g x 30 sachets)

CHO BEAUTY contains 101 billion friendly bacteria, a powerful clinically-proven combination of patented heat-treated FK-23 and Bifidus bacteria, as well as essential prebiotics. For the safest, most effective gastro-intestinal detox you’ll ever experience, and a must to jumpstart your health, beauty or slimming regime.

It is backed by 20 years of research in collaboration with Harvard University leading Japanese Universities and medical centres.


4 Key Ingredients

Advanced FK-23 Bacteria

FK-23 is an unique lactic acid bacteria strain, heat-treated to ensure stability and survival for total intestinal regulation. Stable and powerful to survive harsh stomach acid to reach large intestine.

Effectively eliminates toxic intestinal waste and restores natural balance of good bacteria in digestive tract.

Bifidus Bacteria

Bifidus bacteria is a potent strain that is acid-resistant, able to withstand the harsh gastro-intestinal environment. This good bacteria helps release energy and nutrients from food. It neutralises adverse effects of antibiotics.

Prebiotic (Inulin)

It multiplies good bacteria and reaches the large intestine intact to balance healthy gut flora.

Soluble Dietary Fiber

Soluble Dietary Fiber, a bulking agent, helps to soften stools for easy removal and binds toxins up to 10 times its weight. It supports excess fat removal and healthy weight loss.


Doctor’s Insights

Dr Yang, Medical Doctor and Scientist at Nihon Preventive Medical Laboratory & AFC Japan, has claimed that many health, weight and skin problems can be traced to a poor digestive system and intestinal regulation. As your intestines work to absorb nutrients, it is important to choose a good probiotics formula that replenishes and colonizes friendly bacteria, and eliminates waste thoroughly. Research and clinical studies have shown that heat-treated FK-23 and acid-resistant Bifidus strains offer proven efficacy for good intestinal health.


Experience a new level of detox, beauty & slimming

Flattens tummy. Removes accumulated intestinal waste, reduces bloating, organ fat, and promotes healthy weight loss.

Improves complexion. Promotes skin clarity and improves acne conditions for visibly brighter skin.

Reduces constipation and diarrhea. Regulates bowel movement to reduce constipation or diarrhea. Regulates bowel movement to reduce constipation or diarrhea, and improves digestion.

Jumpstarts sluggish system. Reduces bad breath, improves immunity and increases energy levels.


CHO BEAUTY Detox Program

Daily Cleansing : 1 sachet in the morning on an empty stomach.

Intensive Detox : Take 2 sachets (morning and night) on an empty stomach for eight weeks. For thorough elimination of stubborn intestinal waste, repeat regime 2-3 times yearly.



Frankly, upon receiving the box of CHO BEAUTY, I was a little skeptical and doubtful. Will it benefit my body? Will I see improvement with this? Will I have any side effect after taking this? But after consuming the supplement once a day consecutively for a month, I realized that these worries are so unnecessary actually. I’m glad that CHO BEAUTY does improve my health in a way and I never regret taking it.

There are 2 ways to consume CHO BEAUTY. 1) Gradually pour into mouth and drink a mouthful of water in between. Repeat to finish the whole sachet. 2) Mix with water. Add the sachet to 150-200ml water. Stir and drink immediately. It is not recommended to use hot water.

I preferred the second method though. The taste is quite pleasant with light orange flavour.

I have regular timing for my bowel movement and it usually happens in the morning just before I go to work. On the first day, I have this sudden urge for the toilet immediately after taking a sachet of CHO BEAUTY before my shower. The reaction was immediate. Eventually, I have two rounds of bowel movements on the very same morning. The stool was a little smelly though.

But after consuming it continuously for the next few days, my stool quality gradually improves.

I have just completed the whole box with 30 sachets (for 30 days) and, now my stool is odorless and it’s usually soft in yellowish brown in color. Nobody will know that I’ve been to the toilet earlier hee hee…… My bowel movement is so smooth and easy now which usually takes up only a few minutes.

I do not have any constipation or bad breath problem now. Although there is no improvement on my abdominal bulge and weight loss, but overall I do feel healthier and more energetic. My complexion seems less dull-looking and rosacea eruption is less frequent too.

CHO BEAUTY is indeed a great supplement and I will likely consumer it again.



Will I buy it again? Yes Definitely!



CHO BEAUTY is having a promotion at only S$$65.33 (usual price S$74.90) (30 sachets) and it is available at Unity Healthcare outlets, Nishino pharmacies and selected John Little & Robinsons.

Click the link to find out more about CHO BEAUTY.


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  1. Jean says:

    I have regular timing for my bowel movement, too. But after taking this product, I stopped going. I drink plenty of water, lots of fruits and veg. So I truly don’t think this stuff works

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