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Recently, I was invited to experience a rejuvenating Triple-Infusion Oxygen Therapy facial treatment, named OxyReplenish, at Cambridge Medical Group / Cambridge Therapeutics.

Is oxygen really good for our skin? Well, studies have shown that our skin will become dull and bluish in color if we lack of oxygen in our blood. Many celebrities including Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow enjoy oxygen facial. Madonna claimed that oxygen is her biggest indulgence to stay young. According to her facialist, Los Angeles-based Michelle Peck, Madonna gets an oxygen facial before every show when she’s on tour.

I started the OxyReplenish treatment by inhaling the fresh oxygen for 10 minutes. A special headset was fitted on my head and the oxygen wand was positioned near to my nose. I must say the cool air makes me feel pretty soothing and relaxing.

After cleansing, a hydrating serum with oxygen is infused into my skin. The stream of oxygen helps to push the serum into deeper layer of the skin. The type of serum used will vary depending on customers’ skin condition and needs. I was told the serums are potent and are uniquely formulated by a Korea Dermatologist. The variation of serums target to different skin’s needs such as for a radiant skin, reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Next, the therapist sprayed the “Pitera” serum all over my skin using a stream of oxygen. The “Pitera” serum helps plump and firm skin and it gives skin a glowing look.

My skin looks glowing and radiant before the mask. There are a selection of masks used for different skin’s needs.

The whole procedure told about an hour and I must say it’s a pretty rejuvenating experience. I was told the oxygen continues to work for days after the procedure is complete.

Each OxyReplenish treatment session is priced at S$250. It is available at Cambridge Medical Group / Cambridge Therapeutics, Tel: 6733 0777. Visit their website for more info :


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