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It’s been a while since my last facial spa treatment a year ago in April 2011. Wow, time flies! Many weeks ago, I was invited by Angelface Aesthetics (located at Tanjong Pagar Plaza) to indulge their newest rejuvenating anti-aging treatment – DNA Cells Rejuvenating Treatment.


About Angelface

Established since 2000, Angelface runs an exclusive group of salons with a complete therapy of professional consultant for any requirement. Located conveniently in CBD areas such as Tanjong Pagar and The Adelphi, it is perfect for busy working professionals who need to pop in for a treatment anytime.


DNA – Cells Rejuvenating Treatment

Combines firming, lifting and improving of facial contours, working to regulate cell growth and proliferation, strengthen collagen fibers and elasticity, repair damaged tissues and promotes skin radiance.

The 3 main products in DNA – Cells Rejuvenating Treatment consists of :

Enzyme Ampoule

It exfoliates dead skin gently without irritation and reactivating skin cells activities. While smoothening and softening skin, it also promotes a brighter complexion. This helps to prep the skin for further product penetration.

Botanical Peptide Ampoule

Promoting collagen synthesis, it repairs skin cells and strengthens skin’s ability to retain moisture.

EGF Ampoule

The promotes skin cells regeneration with 53 types of amino acids.

Botanical Collagen Mask

An intensive moisture boosting mask, it repairs skin inter-cellular lipids, renews and repairs skin.



The therapist began the treatment by cleaning my face with cleansing milk before proceeding with a second cleansing that contains whitening benefits. And followed with a gentle exfoliation using a super gentle non-abrasive scrub gel. Exfoliation is an important process as this will help remove the dead skin cells on the surface of skin and allow for a better penetration of the key products later. The scrub glides easily on my skin and I actually enjoyed the 2-minute gentle exfoliating massage. She massaged the scrub deeply into my skin in a circular motion and especially focused on congested pores around my nose area. It was really nice, love her tender touch.

After which a second scrub, oxy-dual lotion, was followed which is more powdery and abrasive. This unique scrub is actually formulated with oxygen that helps rejuvenates dull-looking skin and provides anti-aging benefits. The therapist applied a layer of the second scrub on my face and left it on for about 5 minutes. She then cleansed away the scrub using her wet palms with a quick gentle massage. I was told that this will help the oxygen to penetrate into the skin better.

Next, is the blackhead and whitehead extraction procedure. Instead of using a facial steamer to open my pores, she alternatively applied a skin softener on my nose. I could feel a tingling and biting sensation on my nose.

Although traditionally a facial steamer is often used to help open pores, allowing any impurities to soften and makes extraction easier, but steaming can actually leave skin dehydrated. Upon removal of blackheads and whiteheads on my nose area, she then applied a toner to help soothe my skin and close the pores.

After which, she applied the first Enzyme Ampoule that exfoliates dead skin cells and improves skin cells renewal. This helps to prep the skin for further product penetration. She massaged the silky smooth ampoule into my skin and It is gentle enough to be used on the eye areas actually. She left it on for one minute before cleansing it off.

She then followed with the second Botanical Peptide Ampoule that promotes collagen production and repairs skin cells and strengthens skin’s ability to retain moisture.

And next, she applied the third EGF Ampoule which contains 53 types of amino acids to promote skin cells regeneration. An applicator was used for this ampoule to allow a better absorption of the potent nutrients.

Lastly, she applied an eye mask that is slightly warm to improve circulation and a moisturizing Botanical Collagen face sheet mask for the whole face for 20 minutes. She also gave a relaxing shoulder massage upon putting on the masks on my face.

All-in-all, the overall one and a half hours treatment was pretty rejuvenating! I truly enjoyed it! Upon the treatment, other than some tiny red spots on my nose (due to extraction), my skin appeared super glowing and radiance! I’m super impressed with the instant result! I didn’t even need to apply any makeup (except lipstick) when I left the place! Woof! ;-)

I finally got to meet Angie, the founder of Angelface, for the first time. ;-)


DNA – Cells Rejuvenating Treatment is priced at S$298 per session, inclusive of eye and neck treatment. For excellent results, a course of 4 -6 treatments is recommended, depending on one’s skin condition and age.


Exclusive First Trial Promotion For Womenlovebeauty Readers

From now till 30 June 2012, you can now indulge on a DNA – Cells Rejuvenating Treatment (90 minutes) at any of the Angelface salons at only S$98! Usual price at S$298. Don’t miss it! ;-)


Angelface Locators :

Blk 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #01-48
Singapore 082001
Tel : 6221 3723 / 6225 2300

The Adelphi
1 Coleman Street, #B1-28
Singapore 179803
Tel : 6334 6228


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