Review – Lipolysis & Body Detoxification Treatment At Qian Zu Ge Spa


Two weeks ago, I was one of the four bloggers to be exclusively invited to experience our first traditional chinese therapeutic treatment at Qian Zu Ge Spa, S’pore 1st Oriental Spa Concept in Singapore. Thanks to TheSampleStore for extending this invitation to us.

Each of us will be pampered with their new Lipolysis & Body Detoxification Treatment. This lifting and toning treatment is claimed to help reinforce the body tone and body shaping. We can choose between tummy or thigh slimming.


About Qian Zu Ge Spa

Qian Zu Ge is a place of relaxation with an unmistakable oriental touch. Fitted to help customers cope with the stresses of modern life using traditional techniques, the foot/body massage spa concept features luxury spa amenities such as separate male and female shower rooms, steam rooms, personal lockers. The foot massage lounge and VIP suites are fitted with luxurious custom-designed sofas, a perfect place for an indulgent foot massage. Step into Qian Zu Ge Wellness Sanctuary and choose from a collection of authentic therapies inspired by Chinese and Thai traditions performed by trained therapists. Renew your spirit and enjoy the benefits of health, wellness and beauty. Get ready for an unforgettable spa experience!

Qian Zu Ge Spa, an unisex spa, is claimed to be the first oriental concept spa in Singapore. It provides head to toe oriental treatments such as Signature Foot Reflexology, Chinese/Thai/Swedish Body Massage, Ayurvedic Massage, De-stress Head & Shoulder Massage, Gua Sha / Ba Guan Therapy, Infra-red Herbal Detox Foot Sauna, Classic Manicure / Pedicure and Facial treatments.


Lipolysis & Body Detoxification Treatment @ $98

(Usual Price $296)

This newly-launched 2-hour Lifting & Toning Treatment is claimed to help detoxify, tone, contour and firm the body. As we are allowed to choose between tummy or thigh slimming, I find it hard to decide on which targeted area I should do. After contemplating for 5 minutes, I decided to go for tummy slimming. You can also opt for a full body treatment instead on targeted area and the duration for whole treatment is 3 hours.

Lipolysis & Body Detoxification Treatment is claimed to :

  • Reduce cellulite
  • Body sculpting
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Facilitate lymph & cell metobolism
  • Reinforcing the body tone


Review on Lipolysis & Body Detoxification Treatment

Upon reaching Qian Zu Ge Spa, the lift opens with a welcome chinese sign titled Qian Zu Ge. This spa gives a cozy oriental ambiance.

After a quick tour, the receptionist handed me a locker key and I was immediately lead to the ‘Ladies Spa’ room. Inside the locker, there is a set of baggy (free-size) soft cotton knee-length shorts and a short-sleeved round-neck top. And the assigned therapist, a Chinese national, passed me a set of disposable panties and shower cap. After I’ve gotten changed, I was lead to a room within the Ladies Spa Room.

The therapist first performed a body scrub for 5 to 8 minutes using Dead Sea Salt with Aloe Vera Activator on the tummy area. Dead sea salt is proven to help exfoliate the skin, detoxify and drain out waste from the body. After removing the sea salt residue, she followed by patting my tummy with Aloe Body Toner using her palms.

She then applied mineral oil on my tummy before using a Lift & Tone Machine to help lift and contour my tummy area. The applicator turned warm after a minute or two and I could feel a slight suction sensation under the applicator. It was a nice feeling and this body sculpting process which lasted for 25 minutes is claimed to help reduce cellulite.

Next, she applied firming cream on the tummy area before proceeding with Lymphatic Drainage massage. This 20 minutes drainage massage helps to reduce cellulite, improve blood circulation and detoxify body.

After which the Infra-red Ray Heat Treatment was performed and this process uses the infra-red ray to help eliminate toxins from the body. This process lasted for 30 minutes and I actually dozed off during the session……zzzzzz……………….

Finally, she did a body wrap on my tummy area using clear polyethylene wrap and I was told to stand up and breathe in while she was doing the wrapping process. After the wrap was done, I was requested to lay down on the bed again for another 10 minutes. The therapist has suggested that I could leave the wrapper on and only remove it before taking a shower at home.

I actually didn’t like the clear wrapping that was done by the therapist. It started to crumple up above my abdomen area immediately I left the spa. I actually have to remove it using scissors.

Most of the time, I will usually have this urge to urinate immediately after a detoxification treatment. The waste will be drained out after detoxification. But after this Lipolysis & Body Detoxification Treatment, I didn’t have this urge at all.

On the day of the treatment

A week after the treatment

Although Lipolysis & Body Detoxification Treatment is claimed to reduce cellulite, reinforcing the body tone and body shaping, facilitate lymph & cell metobolism, but a week after the treatment, I could hardly see any result at all. I reckon more treatments are required in order to see significant results.

This traditional chinese therapeutic Lifting & Toning Treatment is rather relaxing and I actually enjoyed it a lot. If given a chance, I will like to try out the thigh slimming too.


Special promotion exclusively for Womenlovebeauty readers

Enjoy this detoxification treatment with 70% Off

Lifting & Toning Treatment @ $88.80 (u.p $296/120mins)

Terms & conditions:

  • valid for the 1st time (new) customer only
  • advance booking required, please call 62510055 for an appointment
  • please mention “Shirleen Blogger” upon appointment
  • Promotion price above is before 7% gst imposed
  • Discount cannot be used with other promotions or discounts
  • Management reserved the right to amend any terms & conditions without prior notice
  • Valid till 28 February 2011


Where to find Qian Zu Ge Spa

221 Balester Road, ROCCA Balestier #04-01, Singapore 329928
Website :
Operating hours : 10.30am to 3am (Daily)
Public buses : 124, 125, 130, 139, 145 & 565


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