Review – Jamu Power Tummy Slim Treatment At One Beauty Spa


This Monday, I was exclusively invited to experience a spa treatment of my choice at One Beauty Spa at their newest outlet @ Liang Seah Street. And thanks to TheSampleStore for extending this invitation to me.


One Beauty Spa Profile

One Beauty Spa was started with passion of providing premier yet affordable luxury spa services. They strive to leave a beautiful and lasting experience for their customers. Each will be treated accordingly to the individual’s unique need for overall wellbeing, relaxation and rejuvenation. Their mission is to combine their experience with the most advanced products, training and technologies in skin care to provide their customers with a lasting, positive glow on their mental and physical being. They specialise in all skin conditions and problems.

They offer a full range of pampering services using the latest and the most advanced equipment, targeted at showing results and providing a personal and lasting experience.


My First Impression At One Beauty Spa

Upon arrival, the first thing I noticed at their newest outlet @ Liang Seah Street was the dim reception area. It was an afternoon, no light was on and they were using natural light from the full-glass entrance to brighten up the whole area. This new 3-storey outlet was recently opened for business in less than three weeks ago. The smell of paint and new furniture was a little unbearable for me.


I was warmly welcomed by Cherry and she gave me a quick mini tour on the first and second level. There is one shower room and toilet in every level.


I’m pleased to find out that One Beauty Spa carries a few premium world-recognised beauty brands such as BECOS Italy and Jane Iredale.


I’ve gotten to know Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup products about a year back. I’ve never used the products before but I’m glad to discover this amazing brand after reading some good reviews on the products.

Jane Iredale is the first brand to supply the aesthetics industry with a full-line of makeup based on minerals and the first to see the potential of offering physicians a makeup good for the skin.

It’s so effective it is recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and skin care professionals.


I was offered to select my preferred treatment from these 5 treatments :

1. Lava Stone Detox and Relaxing Massage

2. Meso Skin Rejuvenation Therapy

3. Jamu Power Tummy Slim

4. Radio Frequency (RF) Eye Lift

5. IPL Hair Removal for Under Arm

Eventually I’ve selected Jamu Power Tummy Slim because I like the idea of reducing water retention, warming my womb, removing winds and toxins from it.

Jamu Slimming Tummy Wrap (45 mins) $138
Shape and contour the problematic tummy area with this all-natural herbal treatment. Traditional Indonesian herbs and oils which have proven to have no side effects will then be applied liberally before a tight wrap, follow by a thermal heat wrap to aid the slimming process and reduce water retention from the body. This also helps to warm the womb, remove winds and toxins from it. Post-pregnancy and ladies with irregular monthly cycle will find this treatment especially beneficial.


My Experience with Jamu Slimming Tummy Wrap

Immediately after the mini tour, I was lead to a treatment room at level one to begin my first Jamu Slimming Tummy Wrap treatment. The therapist started the treatment with a quick herbal body scrub on the abdomen area in a circular motion. After removing the scrub, she then applied a mixture of traditional Indonesian herbs and oils on the abdomen area before a tight wrap was done. These Indonesian herbs and oils are claimed to have no side effects at all.

She then followed by a 25-minute thermal heat wrap on the tummy area that is claimed to aid the slimming process and reduce water retention from the body. It is also claimed to warm the womb, remove winds and toxins from it. It is believed that post-pregnancy and ladies with irregular monthly cycle will benefit from this treatment.

At first, the heat from the thermal heat wrap was bearable but after 10 minutes later, I started to feel uncomfortable and uneasy. The heat temperature was in mid level at that time. I didn’t really enjoy the heat wrap and I have to endure it for the whole 25-minute. The duration is too long for me.

After 25 minutes later, the therapist unwrapped the heat wrap and removed Jamu herbs using a warm towel. She then gave me a tight wrap around the tummy using a 7-metre long cloth wrap. This tight wrap using cloth wrap, also known as Bengkung, helps to mould the shape and to extend the treatment effect for 4 more hours. It is very popular among women during post-pregnancy.



The whole treatment took me about 45-minute that included the 25-minute heat wrap. The treatment duration varies from person to person as you can request for a longer heat wrapping session for a better result.

Frankly, I didn’t really enjoy the whole treatment. It was not very relaxing too. It was mainly because I didn’t enjoy the long duration of the heat wrap. I was told that the higher the temperature is (if I can endure), the better it will benefit my body. The higher temperature will help to reduce more water retention, remove more winds and toxins from the body. Well if you can endure the heat, you may want to give it a try. The temperature can be adjusted accordingly to your comfort anyway.

Unfortunately, I encountered some irritation which I believe is due to the heat wrap. In fact, it is very rare and only minority may experience this due to skin sensitivity that could not tolerate the heat. There are tiny red bumps on my abdomen area that are itchy on the first two days. They are almost gone after five days later.

Five days after one treatment only, I noticed there is very very superficial improvement on my tummy area. It looks somewhat flatter and less bloated. I believe with more treatments in a weekly basis, I will probably be able to see more significant results.


Promotion for Womenlovebeauty readers

If you are keen to try the Jamu Slimming Tummy Wrap, there is a great opportunity for you. One Beauty Spa is giving away an exclusive promotion to all Womenlovebeauty readers. They are offering S$28 (UP$138) for first trial with optional of S$8.80 each for any of the additional following items such as Bengkung Wrap, Slimming Massage (10 mins), Hand Paraffin and Foot Paraffin.


You can find One Beauty Spa at :

Bugis (Liang Seah) Branch
14 Liang Seah Street, Singapore 189035, Tel : 63374979

Newton (Balmoral Plaza) Branch
271 Bukit Timah Road, #02-01 Balmoral Plaza, Singapore 259708,
Tel : 68369112

Simei (East Point Mall) Branch
3 Simei Street, #03-02, Eastpoint Mall, Singapore 528833, Tel : 67859848

Website :

Facebook :


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