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Two weeks ago, I was delighted to be one of the 7 beauty bloggers to be invited to experience a deluxe treatment at Body Wellness @ Winsland House 1. Thanks to TheSampleStore for extending this invitation to us.

As each beauty blogger received different body or face treatment, I was offered the Oriental Revival, a detoxifying body treatment using ginger and black pepper.


Body Wellness Profile

Body Wellness, established in 1997, is one of the leaders in the local spa industry with 14 years of experience, keeping to the promise of providing highest quality services, products and customer service at fair and reasonable prices. Body Wellness provides an assortment of holistic treatments and therapies specially designed for every individual needs.

With an in-house research and development team, Body Wellness has always been offering the most creative and innovative treatments, exclusively found at Body Wellness only, while incorporating the latest technology and treatment techniques into the treatments.

The team of professionals at Body Wellness comprises specialist consultants, experienced therapist and even an appointed doctor to take care of your every wellness needs. From results-driven facials to bust enhancements, relaxing massages to rejuvenating spa therapies, and even slimming treatments.


Oriental Revival Body Treatment

Upon reaching the Body Wellness at Winsland House 1, I received a warmly welcome from a group of consultants and therapists at the counter. A warm ginger tea was served soon after and I was given a set of questionnaire forms. While I was filling up the forms, I overheard a lady making a remark to her friend that she loves drinking the ginger tea whenever she’s here for a treatment. She will drink at least 2 cups each time she’s here. I took a quick peek at her and I could tell that she was really enjoying her every sip of the hot tea.

I was thinking : “Really? What so great about this ginger tea! Isn’t just an ordinary tea right!”. BUT after I have tasted it myself, I immediately fell in love with it too. OMG!!! It is so refreshing and tasty! The ginger taste is really strong and I instantly felt warm inside my body.

The ginger tea is brewed and replenished daily at their respective outlets. And I was told that Body Wellness @ Winsland House serves the best ginger tea among the 3 outlets. I love it so much and I have my second cup after the treatment. :-)


Sifang, the pretty Marketing Executive, toured me around before the treatment. I was very surprised that this Winsland House outlet is such a huge place. It has 38 to 39 rooms and it is so big that the corridor is formed in a big ‘U’ shaped.


Here’s a peek on one of the treatment room.


Instead of using numbers to identify each room, Body Wellness cleverly names each room with an unique name.


A potpourri bag is hanged on the doorknob if the room is taken. What a clever way!


Here’s the place for customers to blow their hair and put on their makeup.


What a huge waiting room. I reckon it can seat at least 25 people.


Here’s one of the hot bath room.


Here are the shower rooms.


Review – Oriental Revival Body Treatment

What is Oriental Revival? Well, Oriental Revival is a wellness body treatment that includes dry skin brushing to exfoliate, a warming and detoxifying body wrap based on traditional ingredients, and a relaxing and pampering full body massage.

I was in fact delighted to be offered this treatment as I love detoxification. I desperately need to reduce water retention, improve my lymphatic and blood circulation, and most importantly to relax and being pampered. I was told that this treatment can also help to treat my bloating, improve my digestion, relieve tight muscles and de-stress. It can also help to treat my cold feet and fingers as I often feel cold most of the time.


Body Wellness exclusively tailors this treatment into 2 different needs.

If you prefer a detox session that is totally relaxing and pampering, go for :
Oriental Revival with Heat Blanket :
Foot cleansing >> dry skin brushing >> full body massage >> oriental detox mask and wrap (plastic sheet) >> heat blanket >> shower

If you prefer a detox session that also aids in slimming, then go for :
Oriental Revival with Steam Bath :
Foot cleansing >> dry skin brushing >> oriental detox mask and wrap (clingwrap) >> steam room >> shower >> full body massage

I have taken up the Heat Blanket as I want to detoxify my body more than slimming hee hee……


What are the benefits of this treatment?

  • warming and stimulating
  • improves blood circulation
  • improves lymphatic circulation
  • reduces water retention
  • reduces cellulite
  • improves immunity
  • detoxification
  • softens and brightens the skin
  • energises the body
  • relaxing and pampering
  • may improve cellular age, reduce weight and fat mass (based on body comp scale)


Who will benefit from this treatment?

  • cellulite
  • feeling toxic
  • bloating and water retention
  • poor circulation
  • poor digestion
  • lack of energy
  • aches and pains
  • tight muscles
  • always feeling cold
  • stress


Foot Cleansing & Dry Skin Brushing

My therapist Rina, the trainer for Body Wellness, started the treatment with Foot Cleansing Ritual that uses Teatree spray to help disinfect my feet.

And then it followed with the next important process which is the Skin Brushing. Skin Brushing, a dry skin brushing, uses a natural bristle brush with the aid of lemongrass spray (consists of lemongrass essence oil with water) to help remove dead skin, stimulate circulation, facilitate lymphatic drainage and reduce cellulite.

At first, I was a little skeptical if the brush will be too harsh for my gentle skin but to my surprise it doesn’t. In fact, Rina has given the right pressure and her skill is so good that I really enjoyed the whole brushing process. Oh my, damn SHIOK!! <grinnnnnns>

She started the dry brushing process on the leg areas and slowly moved upward to the shoulder and chest area. She first sprayed the lemongrass water on the natural bristle brush and using one hand holding the brush and the other hand gently stroking the brushed areas. She brushed in an outward direction on most areas except the stomach in a circular motion.

This simple brushing process (brush, stroke, brush, stroke) is magnifying! And it’s painless too! I really love it so much! I kind of miss it now and am so tempted to do it again soon! Oh baby one more time please!


Full Body Massage

Rina, my therapist and also the trainer for Body Wellness, is such a darling! She is excellent and I really love her massaging technique. Her pressure is just perfect and soothing for me and I couldn’t ask for more. I especially love her massaging on my feet base. Please don’t…..STOP!!! It was so shiok, I even requested her to spend more time on the areas………….demanding right hee hee………….

I felt so relaxed and I almost felt asleep………hmmmmm……………zzzzzzzz………..

She focused on the lymphatic nodes that help to detoxify, reduce water retention, improve blood and lymphatic circulation.


Oriental Detox Mask & Heat Blanket

The Oriental Detox Mask (on the left) are made with natural ingredients. The key ingredients are black pepper and ginger with rice floor as the base ingredient. Black pepper is great for stimulating circulation, detoxifying, aids digestion, expels wind and warms the body. Ginger is great for reducing fluid retention and cellulite, aids digestion, expels wind, warms the body, improves varicose veins and stimulates circulation.

The mask also contains cypress, orange, juniper and geranium. These natural ingredients help to stimulate circulation, reduce water retention, boost kidney and liver health, detoxifying, stimulate lymphatic system and clear the intestines.

The light green natural cucumber cream (on the right) is used for massaging.

After the full body massage, Rina applied the Oriental Detox Mask on my whole body and wrapped up the masked areas with plastic sheet to enhance the effects of the mask.

The machine used for the heat blanket is hidden underneath the bed.

She then covered my whole body with a Heat Blanket to help eliminate toxins through perspiration for 15 minutes. I can now relax and take a good nap………….zzzzzz……….

Although I remembered I didn’t drink much before the treatment, I have this urge to urine during the heat blanket process. And Rina has claimed that it was due to the detoxification. After 15 minutes was over, Rina removed all wrapping and heat blanket and I headed down to the shower room. The treatment is completed!


I truly enjoyed this 90 minutes Oriental Revival Body Treatment (includes the 45 minutes full body massage). Oriental Revival Body Treatment, with the use of ginger and black pepper (long known for their powerful health-improving properties), is an ultimate cleansing and purifying spa therapy for my body, mind and soul.

I especially love the dry skin brushing, so enchanting! And the full body massage is excellent too! It helps to relieve my tired and aching muscles and I totally felt so relaxed after that. My skin is smooth and clean. My tummy is slightly flattened (less bloated) and my tights are slimmer. The fluid retention has improved after the treatment.

I remembered I was farting non-stop while on the way home in the train, so embarrassing! All thanks to the detoxification process earlier hee hee……… Luckily, I was standing at one corner and nobody has noticed it. <grin>


Oriental Revival Body Treatment Promotion at S$28*

Body Wellness is offering the Oriental Revival Body Treatment at a promotion of S$28 exclusively for Womenlovebeauty readers.

A session of Oriental Revival Treatment @ S$28* only (90 mins, Usual Price: S$218)

*T&Cs: – Valid for first-time female Singaporean customers aged 21 years and above, and by appointment only — Quote: Blog WomenLoveBeauty. – NRIC must be presented upon redemption at Body Wellness.



To make an appointment for the Oriental Revival Body Treatment, please call one of the 3 Body Wellness outlets at :

Stamford Court
61 Stamford Road #01-08/09 Singapore 178892 (5 mins from City Hall MRT)
Tel: 6337 9294

Winsland House
3 Killiney Road #01-02 Singapore 239519 (3 mins from Somerset MRT)
Tel: 6737 1577

Heritage Court
60/64 Peck Seah Street Singapore 079323 (2 mins from Tanjong Pagar MRT)
Tel: 6323 1511


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