Treatment Review – IPL – My Ultimate Skin Rejuvenator & Pigments Remover


IPL, also known as Intense Pulsed Light, is said to rejuvenate the skin.

The main benefit of these treatments is removal of pigment, blood vessels or pink flush from the face and to restore the old, damaged collagen and elastin which have caused the skin to lose its elasticity and wrinkle.

A phenomenal characteristic of IPL is that the machine can be manufactured to produce a very powerful beam of light that will only attack or destroy a specifically-colored target. 

The reason for IPL

I have in fact started on IPL treatments many years ago to eliminate sun damaged spots on my cheek bone area. The biggest spot was equivalent to size of a soya bean. 

I have tried at many places like beauty salons and dermatologist’s office. So far, the treatment done at doctor’s office achieves the best result. 



Super lousy! No result at all. I have signed up for 6 sessions and it costed $200+ per treatment. 

My third IPL treatment with them was a disappointment. There were actually 4 girls attending to me on that particular day. Girl A – cleanse my face, Girl B (a manager) – proceed on IPL, Girl C – remove the IPL gel and apply the cooling mask and Girl D – remove the mask. It was so disorganized, it puzzled me on why they can’t simply stick to one beautician to one customer instead? What a mess!!! Therefore immediately after the third treatment, I voiced out my unhappiness on the service and the result. Eventually I have to change the remanding 3 sessions to other treatments.

The treatment was painless and I believed the range they chose was too low. And the result was super disappointing after 3 sessions of IPL with them. No result at all! No improvement on texture or pigment spots.



Bella Skin Care

Extremely expensive. I have signed up for 9 sessions. It costed almost $500 per treatment. It consists of a microdermabrasion treatment, an IPL treatment (done by freelance doctor) and an oxygen therapy treatment. The IPL treatment was very painful, almost unbearable.

After the full course completion, the sun damaged spots were still very much visible. There was no lightening on the spots too.

My skin texture improved significantly. I especially liked the oxygen therapy treatment, it gave me this pinkish radiance skin immediately after every treatment. I don’t even need to put on any blusher or foundation at all. My skin is smooth, radiance and even toned.



Signature Beauty

The cheapest package of all. I have signed up for 6 sessions which costed about $100 per treatment. 

The IPL treatment was done by the beautician. The treatment was painless even though the machine was tuned to the highest range. The result was disappointing too! No visible result on pigmentation spots and skin texture.

After I have completed all the 6 sessions, as expected the beautician was trying very hard to convince me that I should go for more sessions to see result. Why bother, I don’t buy this crap.



Wen and Weng

Reasonably priced with good results! To start, I have signed up for 9 sessions. Dr Chee is very friendly and patient. He will listen to my concern and find the best solutions to treat my skin. His clinic offers the most affordable prices compare with other clinics. One thing I like about him is that he’s not pushy and he wouldn’t force me to sign up something that I’m not comfortable with.

After the first few sessions, I realized my face is fairer than my neck. This is because the treatment was done only on the face. Then Dr Chee was kind enough to give me a special ‘top-up’ rate to treat both face and neck. He’s very diligent in his work. He even gave me a compliment laser treatment on the pigment areas.

Marvelous results : Dr Chee has effectively removed the pigmentation spots and I was so delighted the spots are finally gone! Wow!!! My skin are much fairer than before. I even have to change my foundation to a tone lighter. The pores are significantly reduce and my skin is more radiant, smoother and pinkish even without any foundation at all. 



Side notes

My advice to those who are tempted to sign up on some cheap IPL packages which costs as low as $38 per treatment. You probably will be wondering why these packages are so cheap whilst doctors are charging in hundreds. Well, firstly some of these cheap packages do not include gel which is a necessity for IPL treatment and you need to top up for it. And secondly, there are many ‘made-in-China’ IPL machines which are fairly popular among the neighborhood beauty spas. 

Just like cars, you can’t possibly compare BMW (a premier brand) to Geely which are made in China. Both are cars which are able to do their basic function, is to drive you around. But in terms of performances, needless to say, Geely will never be able to match with BMW. 

Not to be surprised, you may NOT able to see result even you have completed the ten $38 sessions that’s total up to $380. Why not spend a good $200 for an IPL treatment by doctor and you may probably see minimal result even on the first treatment. 


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5 Comments on "Treatment Review – IPL – My Ultimate Skin Rejuvenator & Pigments Remover"

  1. edi says:

    hi shirleen,

    approximately how many treatments did it take for you to see visible results in the removal of your pigmentations/evening out of skin tone @ wen & weng? :)

    I currently have a package with them too and have just gone for my first treatment.

  2. Shirleen says:

    Hi Edi,

    About 9 to 12 treatments. :-)

  3. Wendy says:

    Hi Edi,
    How much cost for your package and how many treatments you need to took?

    Is pigmentation come out again after treatment? How long lasting after your package completed?

    Now I am considering to see Dr.Chee for my pigmentation which is nearly the whole 2 cheeks. Thanks in advance for your answer.

  4. Shirleen says:

    Hi Wendy,

    If I can remember it was $2000+ for 6 IPL treatments. I took about 9 IPL treatments with laser on spot areas before I can see result.

    I regretted for not having proper & sufficient sun protection after the treatment and hence new pigment spots came out after the treatment. The result can be long-lasting if only I’ve taken good care of my skin. :-(

    Do note that the pigmentation may recurring again if no proper sun protection is given. Stress may also cause pigmentation to come back again.

    Avoid sun exposure as much as possible after doing IPL treatment.

    Yes Dr. Chee is very experience on IPL, can consider.

  5. Wendy says:

    Hi Shirleen,
    Thanks for your answer.

    I did Laser treatment at other country before but my pigmentation came back again after 4 months later. At that time doctor (from other country) said need to make treatment around 3 times. But I dont have enough time to stay there. I did one time and came back to SG.

    Is Laser treatment and IPL is same? What different?

    I found that “Most common pigmented lesions can be removed with less than 3 sessions” under Wen & Weng web.

    Your need 9 IPL treatments is only for pigmentation? or included other treatment such as acne, acne scars, etc.,?

    Do you have any idea , how can we make payment? I means can pay partially (minimum amount) or only one time payment for S$ 2,000? Is it included for medicine charges? How far from one treatment to another treatment?

    Sorry for many questions. Thanks.

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