[REVIEW] My 6HD Eyebrow Embroidery Treatment by Paramedic Aesthetics


If eyes are the windows to our souls, then eyebrows are the frames!

Not sure if you know, but eyebrows are deemed as the most important facial feature on our face. A pair of well-groomed and shaped eyebrows not only accentuate our eyes but also have the power to transform a face.

I didn’t know that until when I started plucking and drawing my eyebrows at the age of 17. My granny scolded me when saw my disastrous and pathetic (over-plucked) brows. LOL! She was my eyebrow master, someone who taught me how and what a pair of good eyebrows should look like (and needless to say, she had a pair of beautifully-shaped brows).

I guess it was from then that I started to get really particular about my eyebrows. And because I do not have naturally thick and beautiful eyebrows to begin with, I would spend 1/3 of my makeup time just to make sure my brows are well drawn in perfect symmetry.

Fast forward many years and one day I realised there’s this thing called “eyebrow embroidery” which was gaining popularity at that time and I decided to give it a try. Unlike tattoo, eyebrow embroidery is semi-permanent and tends to fade over time. After I went for my first, which I wasn’t too satisfied and it eventually faded off, I went for a second embroidery session a few years later. Again, I was sorely disappointed at the result as I felt it was done in a slipshod manner and throughout the embroidery session, I was wincing in pain. There was no numbing cream whatsoever, all I had was some antiseptic/anti-inflammation cream applied over my brows prior to the embroidery session.

Presently, I’m back to square one where I had to go through the tedious motion of drawing my brows every time I needed to step out of the house.

Just when I was feeling sick and tired of drawing my eyebrows, I was invited for a “6HD eyebrow embroidery” treatment at Paramedic Aesthetics. Naturally I was a little hesitant after the disappointing experience I suffered from both the abovementioned eyebrow embroidery sessions.

So I googled for more information on Paramedic Aesthetics and here’s what I gathered online:

Paramedic Aesthetics is founded by the Fabulous Aesthetics group which also founded and operates the Fabulous Tanning and Japan IPL Express chains.

Paramedic Aesthetics is a one-of-a-kind modern salon offering high precision, high quality and relatively pain-free reconstructive cosmetic services administered only by trained technicians. Administered in a safe, clean and sterile environment, the reconstructive cosmetic services include specialised treatments such as areola recreation for mastectomy patients, concealment of light patches in dormant vitiligo as well as hairline restoration, 6HD eyebrow embroidery and lip embroidery.

Unlike numerous salons offering similar but less expensive services, all Paramedic Aesthetics technicians are trained and certified by the United States-based Biotouch Incorporated, a world leader in permanent and semi-permanent makeup and makeup services.

Paramedic Aesthetics also takes pride in its medical-grade procedure protocols and hygiene. They are the only salon in Singapore that takes the safety of customers and hygiene of its operations so seriously that its technicians are trained in the prevention of the transmission of blood borne pathogens to a similar standard as medical professionals such as nurses and phlebotomists.

Blood borne pathogens are infectious disease-causing microorganisms in human blood. These pathogens include hepatitis B (HBV), hepatitis C (HCV) and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and many more. Blood borne pathogens can be passed from one person to another via infected needles/blades which have not been properly sterilised before use. Not disposing of needles/blades properly also increases the chance of transmission.

While there is an increase in demand for semi-permanent and permanent makeup services such as eyebrow, lashline and hairline embroidery, few people know that the semi-permanent and permanent makeup industry in Singapore is mostly self-regulated and does not come under the control of any government body such as the Health Sciences Authority (HSA). This means that there is no minimum training or qualification requirement for staff working in the industry. In addition to the lack of standardised training or qualification requirements there are no regulations governing hygiene and safety standards. As a result, many of these service providers mix their inks in unhygienic and unsterile conditions, reuse their needles/blades and/or do not sterilise their needles/blades properly, all of which increase the risks of allergic reactions, injuries and infections. *gasps*

Scary isn’t it?! These are what many consumers have been taking for granted all these while.

With that much of assuring information I gathered, I felt much more confident that I’ll be in safe hands and hence decided to give it a try.

So last month, I turned up at their salon at Tan Quee Lan (Bugis) for my 6HD eyebrow embroidery session.

Was warmly greeted by the ladies at the reception counter and was brought inside to the waiting area to fill up a form declaring my past/present medical conditions (if any) and other related particulars.

After I was done filling the form, Eileen Seah, the Creative Director of Paramedic Aesthetics, came to say hi and brought me to the treatment room.

So many certificates! All Eileen’s!!

Eileen started by asking what kind of brows I would like to have while helping me to wear the disposable gown and shower cap. I told her that I’m happy with the shape of my current (drawn brows), and would prefer not to deviate too much from that.

Eileen, who has 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, gave me her opinion after understanding what I want. She advised that my brows are slightly too arched and should go for “softer” (not so arched) brows” so that my big, round eyes and face would not look that fierce.

Ah! Maybe that’s the reason why people find me intimidating when I don’t smile. Must be because I look fierce :(

So I agreed to what she suggested and here we go!

She started by cleansing the makeup off my brows and then drew the outline of my brows for my approval before proceeding to numb my brows with a generous amount of numbing cream. See the cling wrap over the numbing cream? Even that is FDA-approved. I was left to rest on the treatment bed for the numbing cream to take effect.

After 40 minutes, Eileen came back in to put on her gown, gloves and surgical mask before removing the numbing cream from my brows. Then she went on to custom-blend the pigments for my eyebrow embroidery.

I asked Eileen if I could have a lighter brow colour (as I would probably get a lighter hair colour during my next visit to the hair salon) but she explained that it might not turn out good as my natural brow colour is pretty dark and I might end up with a washed-out look if she were to use a lighter colour for my natural dark brows. She added that if I want a lighter-coloured brows in future, I can touch up with a light brown brow pencil or eyeshadow to achieve the look I want. See, that’s what I call a pro and I really appreciate such advice, rather than having someone who will just do what you want regardless whether it’s going to look good on you or not.

The pigment container ring with my custom-blend pigment. The pigments they use for their 6HD eyebrow embroidery treatments contain microscopic iron oxide particles which are safe to use and also more easily absorbed into the skin to provide stronger, more long-lasting colour.

Then she took out a sealed pack of blade and opened it in front of my eyes to show me that the blade she’s using on me is a brand new sterile blade before affixing it onto a pen-like device.

For those who had done eyebrow embroidery many years ago, the old technique was to deliver the ink onto the skin using a needle affixed to a vibrating pen-like device which could only achieve a 2D effect. However, unlike the old embroidery technique, this 6HD eyebrow embroidery is done painstakingly stroke by stroke with each stroke effectively and naturally mimics the length and direction of growth of each strand of eyebrow hair.

With the numbing cream taking effect, it wasn’t really that painful except some parts like the inner corner of the brows are more sensitive. Ok, I admit that my threshold of pain is pretty high LOL! Rather than the pain, it was the scraping sound of the blade against the skin that gave me goosebumps. Other than that, the less than an hour-long embroidery procedure was pretty alright with Eileen constantly assuring me and checking on my comfort level.

Once done, Eileen passed me a mirror to take a look at the “embroidered” brows to see if I’m happy with the final results. I spent some time to take a really good look, turning my head up down left right centre to make sure that my brows are in symmetry. Because of my naturally uneven brows (my left is denser than my right), I noticed that my right brow still looking less dense than the right and asked Eileen if I could have a few more strokes added to my right brow. She double checked and agreed with me and proceeded to touch up the right brow before passing me the mirror again for my approval. I apologised for being “so troublesome” as I’m really particular and fussy about my eyebrows, but guess what she said? “Don’t worry, it’s good to be particular about such things cos I myself is also particular (about such things)”. Woah! I really have to commend her for her professionalism and patience. Eileen, if you are reading this, thank you so much!!

Once I’m satisfied with my new brows, she applied more pigment to the brows to ensure that the newly embroidered brows absorbed the colour before cleaning it off and applying antibiotic cream over the brows to minimise any chance of infection.

Looking like 蜡笔小新 Hahahaa!

Given a pack of the antibiotic cream to bring home and apply for the next 3 nights.

The products used for my 6HD Eyebrow Embroidery treatment.

Eileen was also telling me that all needles/blades are disposed into this a sharp objects container. When the container is full, it is then sent to the nearest hospital to be disposed of appropriately. This shows how much care and responsibility they show towards the health and safety of their clients and themselves.

Before I left, Eileen made sure that I know all the Dos & Don’ts after an eyebrow embroidery treatment. More on the Don’ts actually. Haha.

I was told to come back for a touch-up within 3 months to ensure the longevity and colour evenness of my embroidered brows.

There wasn’t any downtime and I could resume my daily activities after the embroidery session and went shopping at Bugis. My eyebrows were slightly red and did smart for the next few hours but other than that nothing really bothered me. However, it was a bit “raw” when I washed my face during shower that night. I diligently applied the antibiotic cream on my brows for the next 3 nights as told and my brows started scabbing on the 4th day.

By the 7th day, all the scabs came off and what’s left is a pair of beautifully embroidered eyebrows! Day by day, my brows just keep looking more and more natural, such that sometimes I can’t even tell my own brow hairs from the embroidered ones without taking a closer look.

Just look at the drastic difference of my before and after brows!! You can also view the video of my before and after brows on Paramedic Aesthetic Facebook page

Left : Before 6HD Eyebrow Embroidery (Drawn brows)
Right : After 6HD embroidery with softer looking brows

It’s been a month since my embroidery session and I’m so in love with my brows everyday. Can’t wait to go back for my touch-up soon. Will update again after my touch-up so stay tuned.

If you like how natural my eyebrows look and would like to have the same, Paramedic Aesthetics is currently having an off-peak (weekday) promotion at only $588 which includes a free touch-up. Go check it out before it ends or call them to book an appointment/for more enquiries.

Paramedic Aesthetics is located at
9 Tan Quee Lan Street
TQL Suites
#02-03 (Bugis MRT Exit D)
+65 6238 2228 

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