[REVIEW] PicoSure Laser – Ultimate Solution For Pigmentation Problems Is Now Available In Singapore


When I first started working, I was constantly plagued by skin woes and they persisted over the years– pigmentation (freckles), blackheads, clogged pores, pimples/acne, u name it, I had it.

But ever since I went for my first laser treatment at an aesthetic clinic, it proved to be the best decision I’ve ever made and I never looked back. The freckles on my face which I hated all my life since I was a child were gone and the rest of the skin blemishes also began to diminish after I started going for aesthetic laser treatments.

From then on, I put all my faith and trust on aesthetic laser treatments. There are so many aesthetic lasers out there that can do wonders, and they always outdo each other by coming out with newer, better lasers with breakthrough technologies.

Early this year, I was invited to a media launch for the FIRST PicoSure laser in Singapore, available only at Dr Joseph Yang’s Aesthetics and Medical Clinic in Wisma Atria, and also had the opportunity to try out this phenomenal laser. Why do I call it “phenomenal laser”? Read on to find out…

What is PicoSure Laser?

PicoSure is the latest generation of aesthetic laser which utilises pulse laser technology and is named after the unit of time its laser pulse is measured in – a picosecond, is one trillionth of a second, or one thousandth of a nanosecond. The previous generation of aesthetic lasers use nanosecond technology.

Why is PicoSure Laser a better choice?

With a speed a hundred times faster than old technology, the laser pulse from the PicoSure laser is so fast and powerful that it is capable of delivering ultra-short pulses of light energy to the targeted area without causing damage to the surrounding skin. Unlike the nanosecond lasers which utilise photothermal (heat) energy, PicoSure laser uses photomechanical impact (light pulses) to directly target skin blemishes, pigmentation or even tattoo inks and is able to remove them without risking the heat damage which can occur with nanosecond lasers.

What does the above means? In simple terms, it means PicoSure is 1) a safer yet more powerful laser, 2) significantly less pain and discomfort as compared to the nanosecond lasers 3) virtually no downtime and best of all, 4) shorter treatment time yet delivers impressive results and hence requires fewer treatments.

So I made my appointment with Dr Yang’s assistant, Angela, a jovial and friendly lady and went for my laser treatment the following week.

Was greeted warmly by Anglea and was offered a drink at a waiting area before being ushered to another cubicle where I filled in my particulars and answered a short medical/aesthetic questionnaire. Once done, I was brought into another room where Dr Yang was waiting.

After a short consultation with Dr Yang, Angela proceeded to help me remove my makeup and took photos of my bare face.

All makeup removed except the eye makeup (since the treatment wasn’t gonna be my eye area anyway. LOL!)

I was then brought back the the treatment room and my PicoSure laser session began. To be honest, I was a little apprehensive when I was told that no numbing cream will be applied prior to the laser treatment, simple because, most of the clinics actually apply numbing cream on their patients’ face before so I guess that’s the reason why I felt uneasy.

From the consultation I had with him earlier, Dr Yang knew that I had tried various lasers before so he assured me by saying “You tried RevLite (laser) before without numbing cream right? Is it painful for you?” I told him it was bearable with slight discomfort, so he said “If that (RevLite laser) was ok for you, this (PicoSure laser) is definitely way more bearable for you. You probably won’t even feel anything”. With that being said, he tested a shot of the laser on my hand to let me have a feel of how it would be like on my face. True enough, it was NOTHING. Haha!

Angela put a pair of goggles over my eyes and the treatment began. Using only cold water to wipe my face and cool my skin while zapping the laser over my entire face, Dr Yang finished his first round of laser within just a few minutes. And within that short amount of time, he told me that he’s already administered like thousand over shots on my face. I was like “REALLY?!” Yea, we are talking about Picosecond here… this machine can emit light pulses at a trillion of a second!!

Seeing that I’m very comfortable with the first round of laser, Dr Yang increased the intensity for round 2 and commented that my threshold of pain is pretty high and went on to increase it further for round 3 so that I can see better result in one treatment.

By round 3, I would say it’s starting to get a little prickly, more intense sensation on certain parts of my face. However, I will still rate it as bearable. If you are someone with low threshold of pain or with very sensitive skin, rest assure that Dr Yang will administer the right strength based on your comfort level and your skin condition. But then again, the higher the intensity, the better the results, so you have to have reasonable and realistic expectations too.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to take any “during-treatment” photos because of the stringent MOH regulations but here’s how the screen of the PicoSure laser looks :D

After 3 rounds of laser (that’s considered one treatment,which lasted roughly about 20 minutes or less), Dr Yang was really kind to offer me an extra round of laser over my enlarged pores area on my face using another laser machine called GentleMax to help further reduce my pore size. GentleMax combines the treatment versatility of both Nd:YAG 1064 nm laser and 755nm laser in one single platform which can be used for wide variety of treatments like hair reduction, wrinkle reduction, removal of brown spots, facial & spider veins and even Rosacea.

Just like PicoSure laser, it was done swiftly without the use of numbing cream and with no discomfort.

Once done, Angela brought me to a resting room and was made to lie down where she covered my entire face with ice cold towels, so as to help to bring down the heat further and calm down the redness.

I know, I look like a mummy… ok go ahead and laugh. LOL!

After 5-10 minutes, Angela came in to apply a thick layer of cream over my face and I asked her what that cream was, to which she replied “I can’t tell you… it’s  was Dr Yang’s very own secret concoction and we call it the “Miracle Cream”. FYI, this cream is not for sale and is exclusively for his patients who come to him for laser treatments.

This cream really works like wonder. It calmed and soothed my skin just after leaving it on for 15 minutes or so. By then, my skin was glowing and looks much brighter and cleaner. Dr Yang took a look at my face and was very satisfied with the results and described my complexion as “salmon pink” LOL! I was also reminded to avoid activities (like sun tan or sauna) that will cause my face to heat up and also to apply sunscreen to ensure I get maximum protection from the harmful UV rays. Other than tat, there is no down time whatsoever and  I can go shopping right after that or meet my friend for dinner to flaunt my new glowing complexion. :D

Came home and I took a selfie to not only convince myself but my readers too. See that subtle pink glow on my cheeks? It’s not blusher and I didn’t re-apply any makeup right after the laser treatment!


Took another selfie (this time with makeup) one week post-treatment and still looking good. Skin is definitely cleaner with lesser blackheads and my complexion continues to glow. Some subtle changes, or rather, improvements which I observed over the past week – my face seems to be more plumped up, laugh lines (especially the one on the right side of my face) seem less obvious. The shadows under my eyebags seem to be lighter too!

With all these improvements and practically zero downtime, I’m sold! If you have been considering going for a laser treatment, PicoSure laser is really one laser treatment you MUST try! Oh, did I mention that Dr Yang nicknames it as the “Fan Bing Bing laser”? Apparently Fan Bing Bing is a big fan of this laser and now you know how and why her complexion is so flawless and fair! :D

Dr Yang’s Aesthetics and Medical Clinic is the FIRST clinic with PicoSure Laser. Call / text Angela to enquire or book an appointment to experience it now.

Aesthetics & Medical Clinic
435 Orchard Road
#17-04 Wisma Atria
Singapore 238877
Tel: 8368 8492

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