[Review] My JMF Multi-Level Peeling Treatment Experience


I was recently invited to experience the JMF Multi-Level Peeling treatment at Annabelle Skin. Since I was told that this is a customised facial treatment, I was more than delighted to give it a try.

Annabelle Skin is located at one of the corners on the 2nd floor of The Adelphi (nearest MRT station : City Hall).

Walking in, the reception area is relatively small but cozy.

I was asked to fill up a questionnaire with questions regarding your medical history, lifestyle and allergies etc etc… After that, I was introduced to my therapist, Grace, who will be doing the facial treatment on me.

Before the start of my facial treatment, Grace lightly removed the makeup on my face and did a skin analysis to assess if my skin condition is suitable for the facial treatment.The skin analysis showed that my skin condition that day was slighted dehydrated but still suitable for the facial treatment.

Skin analysis performed on a customer

Short introduction on JMF and its Signature Multi-Level Peeling Treatment

JMF is an Italian professional treatment brand that specialises in peeling treatments. Founded in 2004, JMF Multi-Level Peeling Treatment has since gained popularity in Italy and the rest of Europe.

JMF provides safe and effective treatments with customised cocktails of fruit acids such as AHA, BHA, PHA, AKA and other active ingredients which include Glycolic Acid, Pyruvic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Kojic Acid and Azeoglycine. This unique synergy reduces the irritation usually caused by the penetration of fruit acids and, at the same time, allows dead skin to be sloughed off safely and active ingredients are absorbed effectively. New skin cells are regenerated rapidly, thus the skin is usually smoother as impurities are removed naturally. The treatment also plumps up and hydrates the skin, giving it an energised and oxygenated boost, with a reduced appearance of facial wrinkles and fine lines with its antioxidant effect.

The JMF Multi-Level Peeling Treatment comprises of a highly focused three-level approach namely T1, T2 and T3, with 27% , 37% and 55% fruit acids at each respective level. At every stage, the skin will be treated with a FIX solution which contains Aloe Vera extracts to neutralise the acids, and also to soothe and calm the skin before the next level is administered.

By the third level, T3 is only applied at targeted spots for localised treatment. This allows a beauty therapist to decide on the level of peeling and adjust the treatment according to a client’s skin condition. Therefore, the JMF Multi-Level Peeling Treatment  is a highly versatile treatment suitable for all skin conditions including acne/pimples, enlarged pores, scarring, pigmentation, dull/uneven skin tones and mature, wrinkled skin.

My JMF Multi-Level Peeling Treatment Experience

After removing all the makeup on my face, Grace started applying T1 on my cleansed face. Immediately I could feel a slight tingling sensation all over the face. This is probably due to my skin reacting to the fruit acids for the first time. I reckon seasoned AHA/fruit acids users’ skin would not react that sensitively like myself though.

After 3 minutes, Grace applied a FIX solution over my entire face to neutralise the fruit acids and also to soothe and calm the skin for the level, T2.

After another minute or two, the FIX solution is wiped off with clear water and face patted dry. Grace checked my face for any signs of hypersensitivity to the fruit acids and my skin seems to respond well to the fruit acids. Hence, she proceeded to administer T2 on my face.

Steps for T2 is exactly the same as T1. This time round, I could feel a much intense pricking sensation on the sensitive parts of my face, areas like corners of the nose, certain parts on my cheeks as well as the “triangular” area (on the forehead) in between the eyes. I guess that’s natural, since the fruit acid level 10% higher than T1. Grace was concerned, but I told her the pricking sensation is more like “itchy” than anything else. LOL! Grace did mention that not every customer is suitable for T3 so she made a final check on my face before proceeding with T3.

At the final level, Grace applied T3 (55% fruit acids) to targeted areas instead of the entire face. I was expecting a stronger stinging sensation but surprisingly, my face didn’t react that much. After T3 was neutralised and cleansed off from my face, the extraction began.

By then, Grace told me that the “hidden congestion” underneath my skin are starting to surface. What does that mean?! See those red little bumps around my chin area? These are the oil clogged pores which are hiding underneath my skin before surfacing as pimples. The fruit acids penetrated deep into the skin to purge all these sebaceous gunk from the pores.

To be honest, I hate those squeezing extractions to the extent that I have stopped going for regular facials. I hated how my face (especially my chin and nose) would look red and swollen every time after a facial. So when Grace told me she’s going to do extraction on my face, I cringed. But I was wrong. The extraction was pretty much gentle but thorough. No squeezing but instead, Grace used a tweezer-like, pointed extractor to remove those gunk from my pores. Can you see those disgusting gunk from the pictures below? OMG!

After that, Grace applied astringent over the areas where extractions were done  to clean and close up the pores.

Finally, a mask was applied and I was left to rest for a while. I do not remember how long I rested with my mask on, cos the heated bed was too comfy that I dozed off  before another therapist came back into the room to remove my mask. LOL!

After the mask was removed, a moisturiser was applied and I asked for a mirror to check my face. No redness, nothing except a clear, radiant complexion! Totally impressed and delighted how my skin glows after this facial treatment. No downtime so you can just go shopping or have dinner with your friends right after the facial and flaunt your radiant complexion to everyone out there. LOL! The entire facial treatment is approximately around 1.5 to 2 hours.

Before I left, I was provided with some JMF Homecare product samples to complement the effects of the facial treatment – SENS CLEAN (gentle daily cleanser for sensitive skin) and L3 DIAGE (extra action face cream which fights free radicals, stimulates collagen and enhances hydration) .

In the past, I noticed that new blackheads would start to appear just days after my facial. However, this time round, instead of new blackheads, those sebaceous gunk that was embedded deeper inside the pores came up to the surface and I could easily remove them with a blackhead extractor. Slightly past 3 weeks and my face still feels rather smooth and I haven’t seen much blackheads around my nose! How amazing is that?!

JMF CLEAN (paraben-free cleansers)  (S$62S$82)



The JMF Multi-Level Peeling Treatment ranges from S$168 to S$228.

JMF Multi-Level Peeling Treatment and products are available exclusively at:

Annabelle Studio
The Adelphi
1 Coleman Street, #02-42
Singapore 179803
Tel: +65 6336 8975


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