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If you have read my recent posts, you must have read my latest review on skin-tightening Thermage treatment which I’ve done late last year. Click HERE to read the review post. I get to see significant results, my face appears firmer and lifted.

However, it doesn’t make my face looks slimmer and sharper. Do you know a V-shaped face will actually make us look more feminine and younger? I was born with a chubby cheek and double chin, and I always envy girls with V-shaped face. As I age, fat starts to gather and fatty pads accumulate on my lower cheeks, jowls and under the chin. :-(

Recently I was re-introduced to threadlift again. As I wasn’t really keen before, I didn’t get much of an impression on this procedure. What I’ve learned is that it is a minimally-invasive face lifting surgical procedure that address sagging underlying tissues of the check and jawline by threading sutures into the skin and deeper soft tissues. The absorbable threads stay within the deep tissues and provide support. Threadlift is considered less invasive than a surgical facelift however it does inherent risks. Threadlift is claimed to be able to help us achieve the V-shape facial we desire and realign sagging tissue without going under the knife.

I was told I made the perfect candidate, thanks to my chubby lower cheeks and double chin (due to aging, fat deposits tend to accumulate around the chin areas).

Even knowing there might be some risks involved, I took the courage and went ahead with the Threadlift procedure as I really wanted to have a V-shaped face very much. I have my Threadlift procedure done at Knightsbridge Clinic located at 277A South Bridge Road by Dr Israr Wong. The procedure is called Korean Ultra V Lift at Knightsbridge Clinic.

Knightsbridge uses PDO (polydioaxone – dissolvable) threads used in surgery, and are safe and has good tightening effects. The threads are said to dissolve after 1 year but the tightening and slimming effects may last for 1-2 years.

Before the procedure began , the therapist first applied two rounds of numbing cream on my cleansed face and then handed me a soft cushion so that I can hold against my chest to help release my tension. I must say the procedure was pretty painful, especially on certain areas. I managed to distract myself from the pain, thanks to the comfort cushion and my iPod. The whole procedure took slightly more than an hour.

To achieve a V-shaped face, Dr Israr paid more attention to my lower cheeks, jowls and chin areas.

Immediately after the treatment, my face felt ultra tight and painful to touch. I couldn’t even open my mouth wide and floss my inner teeth. I have noticed many tiny needles marks on my face.

The swelling and green bruises (in big patches) started to get very obvious after the third day. Due to the swelling, my face appeared broader.

My face hurts to touch, so I have to be super gentle whenever I cleanse my face. The swelling, bruising and the pain (whenever I touch my face) gradually disappears over a period of four weeks. The tightness also gradually disappears too.

Thankfully, apart from bruising, swelling and the pain, there is no complications at all.

It’s more than a month now, I’m pleased to see visible results! My face appears much slimmer and sharper, the double chin is less visible too, though my marionette lines are still pretty visible.

I was told the results improve even more over the next few months. The results may last for a year to one and a half years.

That’s all for my review! Thanks for reading! :D

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6 Comments on "[Threadlift Review] Korean Ultra V Lift Procedure"

  1. sy says:

    May i ask how much is the treatment?

  2. felicity says:

    Hi there! I am 24 this year and i just had a thread lift done. If the effect gradually disappear and I do not want to do it again, will it make my face saggier? or bigger?

  3. Rose says:

    hihi, i noticed it’s been more than a year since you did this procedure… mind sharing how has it been so far? is the effect of a slimmer, firmer and sharper face still there?

    i’m pretty disappointed to read that your marionette lines still obvious as this is the area i wish to really address most and was feeling hopeful when i chanced upon this on youtube.

  4. Rose says:

    thanks a lot for your candid sharing :)

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