Review – LIPOSONIX, A Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Body Procedure


A while ago, I have blogged about a new non-invasive fat reduction body procedure named LIPOSONIX®. It is a non-surgical procedure that uses focused ultrasound beams to get rid of unwanted stubborn fats to achieve an ideal body shape without going under the knife. It is said to be a good alternative to high risk cosmetic surgical procedure Liposuction. Click here to read my previous detailed post on LIPOSONIX.

Anyway, here’s a short description of the LIPOSONIX procedure :

LIPOSONIX penetrates and destroys the fat found beneath the skin, using advanced high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology to create a focal zone of heating, resulting in a dual tissue response; thermal destruction of targeted fat cells and contraction/thickening of subcutaneous collagen. A unique pattern delivery system within the treatment head delivers the energy in a controlled, consistent manner. Targeted fat cells are permanently destroyed without harming the skin, and the body naturally processes and removes the fat tissue over a period of 8 to 12 weeks.

Three months ago, I got to try the new LIPOSONIX treatment at NU.U Aesthetic & Wellness Clinic. The procedure was performed by Dr Chew Khek Kah, the founder and Medical Director of NU.U Aesthetic & Wellness Clinic.

I’m technically not overweight however due to aging and lack of exercise, my waist size has increased gradually in the recent years. Sadly during my 30s, I was able to maintain my waist size at 26 inches but due to my laziness with no exercise, it has increased to 30 inches prior the procedure. Thankfully I’m not a big eater, if not it will be worst. Come to think of it, I actually eat less now than I was in my 30s but well…….

And because of the increased waist size, I have to wear clothing that is loose-fitting around my stomach to conceal my bump and the ugly love handles.

liposonix review

A measurement was done prior the procedure. My waist measurement around the belly button was 77cm and 3cm below the belly button was 84cm. OMY!!

liposonix review

liposonix review

Dr Chew did some marking on my abdomen and love handles before he began with the procedure. The whole procedure took about an hour and only one procedure is needed with NO repeated session is required. Yes, definitely great for those busy people like me hee hee……

Generally only one treatment session is required to give a circumferential waist line reduction of 2.5 cm or one pant size. Repeat sessions can be performed after 3 months to achieve a more ideal body shape if necessary.

liposonix review

liposonix review

I was given 4 pulses per treatment site and each pulse lasts about less than a minute. The first pulse was almost painless but the pain increased upon more pulses were delivered. Overall, the pain factor was moderate with 2 to 3 out of 5. However, a few areas such as near to the belly button was more painful though, with 4 to 4.5 out of 5, especially during the fourth pulse. I guess I have low pain tolerance, I can feel the pain more than others. For a more comfortable experience, you can request to have a lower setting, also known as pulse stacking.

Liposonix review

This photo was taken immediately after the procedure. There was no swelling nor bruising except some redness which subsided within hours later. I was told I will be able to see more visible results between 8 to 12 weeks.

Three months upon the procedure, I visited Dr Chew again for a follow-up review. And a second measurement was done on the same areas again.

liposonix review

There’s a slight improvement on my waist measurement. My waist size around the belly button has been reduced to 75cm (from 77m) and 3cm below the belly button has been reduced to 81cm (from 84cm). With just one-time an-hour treatment, I’m able to get rid of unwanted fat tissue with one inch off around my waist, with no adjustment to my lifestyle and diet at all. Though the result is not very drastic, I’m already pleased with the result, knowing technically I’m not overweight to start with. I was told the result is permanent.

All-in-all, LIPOSONIX is a safe non-invasive procedure that effectively helps to reduce the fat around my waist. With one pant size down, I have regained my confidence to wear more fitted clothing now.

NU.U Aesthetic & Wellness Clinic is located at 290 Orchard Road #09-18/19 Paragon Medical Suites. Tel: 6732 9989.


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