Review – Latest “Skin-Tightening” Thermage CPT (3rd Generation) Procedure


Age is really catching up with me lately (44 this year) and there’s nothing I can do to prevent it. I’m fully aware that aging is inevitable, so what I can do for myself now is to delay the aging process as much as I can.

One of my most obvious tell-tale signs of aging on my face is loss of skin firmness and sagging jawline. Although the best option is to go for a surgical facelift but there is too much risk involved and I’m not ready for it yet. Probably in another three to five years down the road I may consider it. Hence for now, the best alternative for me is to go for a non-invasive skin-tightening treatment – Thermage.


Why Thermage?

Are you new to Thermage? Well Thermage is a non-invasive skin-tightening procedure that can help smooth, tighten and contour our skin for an overall younger looking appearance in a single treatment without surgery or injections. It uses patented radio-frequency technology to safely heat the deeper layers of our skin, stimulating the existing collagen and promoting new collagen growth.

I opt for Thermage instead of other skin-tightening treatments such as Ulthera and Titan, as I personally feel more confident with it and it has researched to be the best option for skin tightening.

I actually have Thermage procedure done twice, first by Dr Valentin Low (Paragon) many years ago and last by Dr Calvin Chan (Wheelock) last year in November 2011. However both were big disappointments!

This round, I decided to get Thermage procedure done by Dr Chee from Chelsea Clinic (formally known as Wen & Weng Medical Group) as he’s using the latest Thermage CPT technology.


Pain factor is a big issue here!

I have my first Thermage procedure done by Dr Valentin Low many years ago. He used the first generation Thermage at that time. It was the MOST PAINFUL non-invasive treatment I’ve ever have. It was so unbearable and painful that I wanted to terminate it half way through the procedure. Even injecting local anesthetic didn’t help to reduce the pain at all. I’m not joking, I have a high pain tolerance and when I say painful, it is really VERY painful!

The second Thermage procedure which was done by Dr Calvin Chan was a little different. Dr Calvin Chan uses the second generation Thermage NXT which he claimed to be less painful than the first generation. He suggested if I fear of the pain, I can opt for a general anaesthetic. As I still have the pain phobia from the first Thermage experience, I went ahead with the general anaesthetic and hence I couldn’t feel the pain. Unfortunately, I was overdosed with Dormicum injection and I was feeling extremely dizzy and nausea for the next two days upon the procedure.

I’m glad to find out that Dr Chee is using the latest Thermage CPT procedure that offers Comfort Pulse Technology, clinically proven to significantly improve treatment comfort. Thanks to improved heat delivery and a vibrating handpiece that offers a better, more uniform heating, less painful, delivery system, which in turn assists in producing better results. There is a ‘cooling’ mechanism that’s part of the handpiece that actually help reducing the heat even more and hence less pain.


Review! Review! Review!

So here I am getting ready for the Thermage procedure. The treatment area on my face was mapped with marking grids to help indicate which specific areas that might need additional tightening later.

Surprisingly, I didn’t feel that painful with the latest Thermage CPT procedure except on some bony areas. When it comes to pain factor, the latest Thermage CPT is definitely a far difference from the first generation Thermage. I would say the pain factor for this latest Thermage CPT is moderate, rated between 2 to 3 depending on the areas treated. (0 for no pain and 5 for extreme pain)

Thanks to the latest technology, the latest Thermage CPT doesn’t cause much pain and I actually only require to apply topical anesthetic numbing cream prior to the procedure. Hence no general anesthetic injection is required, unlike the first and second generation of Thermage.

The whole treatment was super relaxing and I was completely at ease.

One and a half months upon the procedure, I have noticed a superficial improvement on my sagging jawline. My jawline appears more contour and slimmer. In fact, I have Botox injection (by Dr Chee also) on my jawline and under eye areas a week before the Thermage procedure. (Slight bruising marks below the eye and jawline on the right side of my face, were still visibly noticeable during the Thermage treatment.) I believe the Botox injection does help to lift and firm my sagging jawline in a way.

My sunken cheek areas appear more plump up and defined which make me look much younger now. My eyes appear more lifted and less droopy. I have also noticed a reduction on my crows feet too.

There is absolutely no downtime for me. My face didn’t get red nor swollen upon the procedure. Probably just a tinge of pink around my whole face only. Thanks to the latest Thermage CPT technology.

All-in-all, I’m very pleased with the results with the latest Thermage CPT procedure and I actually look much younger than before! The overall Thermage CPT treatment with Dr Chee was relaxing and comfortable.

I will probably see a better result in a month’s time. What I like about Thermage CPT is that new collagen is continuously produced to further tighten the skin even 2 to 6 months upon the procedure.

The visible result varies from person to person and it will usually last between 12 to 18 months depending on the patient’s natural aging process. Thermage cannot replace lose volume and treat deep wrinkles.

If you are thinking to give Thermage a try, do opt for the latest Thermage CPT Procedure instead! Thermage CPT Procedure offers a better, more uniform heating, less painful, delivery system, which in turn assists in producing better results.


Thermage CPT Procedure by Dr Chee

Dr Chee from The Chelsea Clinic actually offers some of the most competitive prices for non-invasive treatments in the market.

- Thermage CPT Face Procedure – S$4000

- Thermage CPT Eyes Procedure – S$1500 to S$2000

- Thermage CPT Body Procedure – S$5000

The Chelsea Clinic (VivoCity)
1 HarbourFront Walk
#02-226 VivoCity
Singapore 098585
Tel: 6376 9968 Fax: 6376 9963


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8 Comments on "Review – Latest “Skin-Tightening” Thermage CPT (3rd Generation) Procedure"

  1. Dr Tyng Tan says:

    The before and after photos are amazing!

    If i may add, one of the good things about Thermage CPT is that it no longer needs any aftercare regimen. Although you just have to be extra careful when exposing your skin to the sun, which is pretty much a general rule in skin care.

  2. Shirley says:

    Hi Shirleen,
    Can thermage be done on one with.cancer or chronic illnesses?

  3. Cindy says:

    Hi. Can thermage help my stretched under eye ?

    • Shirleen says:

      Hi Cindy,

      For eye areas, Eyes by Thermage will be more ideal however I’ve yet to try it. Not too sure about the result on stretched skin under eye.

  4. Rita says:

    Wow! great after pictures. My feeling though is that the result has more to do with the botox than Thermage. There are never ‘dramatic’ results from these machines.

  5. Dudu says:

    I just had a thermage done at Dr Valentin Low’s clinic last month. It was not painful at all!
    I have it done regularly with Dr Valentin Low and he charges me very reasonable price, $2800 for lower part of my face.
    Yes, the clinis is very crowded but I usually can have everything done (I mean waiting time & procedure) in about one hour plus. The doctor and nurses are friendly, not pushy.

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