Review – My Final Marie France Slimming Treatment


Two weeks ago, I’ve finally gone for my 4th and last slimming treatment session at Marie France Bodyline and this round the focus was on my abdomen area. For this session, the consultant has customized a set of personalized treatments (including CPT) that is specially tailored to my body needs.

The therapist began the session with a relaxing welcome massage on my shoulder. This massage actually help to relax my body and mind, and I believe it may help to enhance the effectiveness of the following treatment later on. After a gentle scrubbing, the therapist then applied a cold and warm gel on my abdomen and used an applicator to roll over the area to allow the gel penetrates better into the dermal layer of the skin.

The session also includes the essential unique slimming massage and the special infrared hot blanket slimming treatment. The hot blanket is in fact my most favorite slimming procedure of all! My whole body including my thighs and arms feel warm and calm. This intense warm sensation actually helps to relax my body and mind, I almost fell asleep with it zzzzz…… It was so rejuvenating that I wanted to make a request with the therapist - do not STOP the machine pleaseee!

I actually enjoyed this last treatment session very much. The complete customized treatment helps to detoxify, improve lymphatic drainage, enhance microcirculation of the dermis and fat deposits; and convert stubborn stored fats into energy.

It has been 2 weeks now since the last treatment at Marie France Bodyline. I didn’t have a chance to measure my BMI at Marie France Bodyline and therefore I wouldn’t be able to reveal on how much fat I have lost so far. And I have actually noticed a slight improvement on my abdomen area. It is less bloated, more toned and flatter now. I’m quite pleased with the results.


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