Review – 2nd Marie France Bodyline Slimming Treatment On Love Handles


Yes here I am again to review my second slimming treatment session at Marie France Bodyline on last Thursday. This round the focus is on my love handles!

For the past few years, stubborn pads of fat began to develop around my abdomen and waist areas. These stubborn fat deposits that hang from the sides of the waist and lower back are actually called love handles.

Lately, I’m actually feeling a little miserable and troubled with the increased waist size and the love handles. The love handles make my waistline appears so thick that I refrain from wearing anything tight fitting that will reveal my waist shape.

For this second session, the consultant has customized a set of treatments that are specially tailored to tackle the love handles that are situated at the sides and back of my waist. I believe love handles do not necessary occur on people who are fat or older. I have seen young people with slim figure having love handles too. I reckon love handles are something hard to get ride of. I definitely wouldn’t want to risk my life going under the knife for liposuction to remove those love handles. I’m actually glad to find out that Marie France Bodyline, a one-stop professional slimming centre, provides a range of personalized treatments that help to eliminate stubborn love handles that cater to different body types.



Prior to the slimming treatment, I have my weight measured. I was delighted to find out that I have lost some weight from 119.6 pounds during my first treatment and now at 118.42 pounds. It was barely a week only and I have lost 1.18 pounds! ;-) I couldn’t ask for more cos I’m naturally not that fat and by losing 1.18 pounds does make a big difference for me. Look forward to a slimmer me moving forward! <grinnnnn>

The therapist began the treatment by applying a layer of cold gel on the love handles that cover from the sides of my waist to the lower back. She then used an applicator to massage the areas for several minutes. After which an unique slimming massage was performed on the same areas. Although the pressure was a little stronger than normal massage but I kind of like it and it feels pretty soothing.

During the massage session, I could gradually feel the warmth from the therapist’s hands and a super warm sensation on the treated area. I actually like the feeling. The warm sensation helps to promote blood circulation and burn excess fat deposits from the area. Immediately after the massage, I was given a cold herbal wrap around the waist area. Even though I was wrapped up with something cold, I could still feel the warm tingling sensation inside my body. This cold and hot temperature I believe helps to burn away the unwanted fats, stimulate the cells, increase metabolism and reduce water retention.

I will be going for my third treatment session tomorrow and do stay tuned for new updates on my slimming progress!

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2 Comments on "Review – 2nd Marie France Bodyline Slimming Treatment On Love Handles"

  1. Joan says:

    So what was the end result with your experience at Marie France? Was it effecitve?

    • Shirleen says:

      Hi Joan,

      Not really as the result very much depends on what I eat. I didn’t follow their recommended dietary plan. I find it hard to maintain my weight upon the treatments end.

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