Embark My First Slimming Program With Marie France Bodyline – First Briefing Session


A few weeks ago, I was approached by OMY (www.omy.sg) to extend an advertorial invitation on a slimming program from an established beauty brand – Marie France Bodyline. I was extremely delighted and without hesitation I took up the advertorial offer right away.

OMY is the Singapore’s first bilingual-friendly (Mandarin and English) news and entertainment interactive web portal by leading media group Singapore Press Holdings Ltd (SPH), primarily targeting at online users from 18 to 35 years old. The portal provides the latest news and infotainment for web-savvy users.

There are altogether 6 bloggers, including myself, are invited for this slimming program. Last Friday, 5 of us (1 blogger was out of town) have visited the Marie France Bodyline at International Building for our first consultation session. The OMY crews were there for a video shoot and interview too.

Fiona from Marie France was sitting on the extreme left. One of the bloggers was late actually.


About Marie France Bodyline

Marie France Bodyline is established in Switzerland with more than 25 years of experience in helping individuals to lose weight naturally. Marie France Bodyline offers weight-loss and inch-loss solutions without strict dieting, strenuous exercise or pills.

The key to Maria France Bodyline‘s advanced weight management treatments is the intensive research and development carried out at their laboratories worldwide where innovative formulas using powerful active compounds are created, and innovative technologies are developed to address the many common body compliants of today’s women, including excess fat tissue, cellulite woes and lack of skin elasticity.

As the leading provider of slimming services in Asia, Marie France Bodyline operates a network of over 200 centers in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Macau, Brunei, Vietnam and Dubai.


My first consultation

The session began with the GM of Marie France Bodyline giving us a short introduction of the company. This was followed by a presentation on the slimming program by one of their staff named Fiona.

I’m glad to find out that Marie France Bodyline provides more than 100 body treatments specially cater to individual needs and preferences such as cellulite reduction, fat or weight loss, firming, muscle toning, slimming, sculpting, lymphatic drainage, contouring and many more. There are more than 20 treatments exclusively created for abdominal area alone.

Marie France Bodyline introduces most updated and advanced equipment for customers to lose weight naturally without strict dieting, strenuous exercise or pills. As Marie France Bodyline believes that each of our body shape is unique, it is therefore essential to have treatments especially customize for individual needs. This is to ensure the best slimming result will be obtained. Unlike most slimming centres which only provide a couple of standard treatments that cater for all body types and having that the results will usually be compromised.

After the presentation was done, we were given a short tour around the centre with the camera crew following us around. During the tour, we got to preview the newly launched equipment – V’PRO System.


Introducing the latest V’PRO System

The V’PRO System is the first clinically proven, non-invasive, class II device to receive the FDA clearance for circuferential reduction and cellulite reduction. The V’PRO is CE marked for the treatment of cellulite and body contouring.

It uses infrared light that heats the tissue up to 2mm depth, radio frequency up to 20mm depth, vacuum that improves circulation and mechanical tissue manipulation that provide lymphatic drainage. It synergies of 4 technologies in 1 system (RF, IR, Vacuum, Massage). The synergistic combination of IR and conducted RF energies increases the oxygen transcellular diffusion by heating the skin. Vacuum and rollers manipulate and smooth out the skin to facilitate safe and effective energy delivery.

The therapist was demonstrating V’PRO on the volunteer model.


BMI Screening

After the tour, each of us was given a BMI (Body Mass Index) screening which was performed by the nutritionist. After analyzing the BMI results, the nutritionist gave a quick run-through and highlighted the areas that are exceeding the normal range.

Overall, everything seems normal except my waist and hip areas, excess fat is situated around the areas hence I need to shed the extra fat (approx. 2kg) from the areas.

I believe many of us may have this perception that those who visit slimming centres are usually obese or overweight. But that isn’t true!

You see, I’m just one good example….. although I’m not fat but I have stubborn abdominal bulge that never seems to go away. I’m also not happy with my thick waistline, sagging buttock and flabby arms too. That is why I need professional help like Marie France Bodyline to help regain my body shape with body firming and muscle toning treatments.

Each of us will receive a set of personalised treatments specially tailored to our needs and body type.


Professional help is provided

Marie France Bodyline provides a team of professional Slimming Consultants registered medical Doctors and Nutritionists who are committed to deliver a personalized slimming experience tailored according to the individual needs.

We are required to separately meet up with the nutritionist once every week. Our treatment progress will be closely monitored by the dedicated team expertise.

I will be going for my first treatment today, stay tuned for my first review!

See ya again bye! ;-)


For more info, do visit Marie France Bodyline website at http://www.mariefrance.com.sg/ or Marie France Bodyline Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/MarieFranceBodylineSingapore.


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