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For me, exfoliation is one of the most effective way to achieve a radiance and healthy-looking skin. There are so many benefits with exfoliation. First and foremost, exfoliation helps to remove the dead skin cells on the outer surface of the skin and new skin cells will start to grow in the deep basal cell layer of the epidermis. These new cells are plumper, have more moisture and after the dead cells are removed by exfoliation the newer cells are exposed and reveal a healthy glowing and more youthful cast to the skin surface.

Exfoliation also helps to better penetration of rejuvenating topical agents, stimulate new skin cells formation, increase collagen production in the dermis and remove skin pore blocking debris.

With all these good benefits and my crazy crush on exfoliation, that is why I have selected this Kiehl’s Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion as one of the compliment product during the recent Kiehl’s Private Tour & Treat.


Product Claims

Immediately smoothes and conditions skin, re-texturizes skin’s surface, reducing the appearance of facial lines and pore size.



Kiehl’s Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion contains skin-sloughing agents like alumina and solum diatomeae (diatomaceous earth) which can be rough on the skin. Kiehl’s has claimed that this product contains micro-dermabrasion crystals (a powdered aluminium oxide) which are used by dermatologists to perform micro-dermabrasion treatments in the office.

To protect the skin from the roughness, this product contains oil, humectant and emollient ingredients like paraffinum liquidum (mineral oil), glycerin, butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), stearyl alcohol and glyceryl stearate that help smoothen the skin.

Phenoxyethanol, methylparaben and butylparaben are the preservatives found in the product.



Kiehl’s Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion is a simple non-fragrance scrub which is suitable for normal to dry skin.

The texture is creamy with fine abrasive particles that feel a little rough on the skin.

Kiehl’s Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion, my home-use microdermabrasion rejuvenation product, helps to safely eliminate the dead skin cells on the upper layer of my skin at the comfort of my home. This exfoliation process helps to resurface the superficial layers of skin and further enhances cell renewal at the skin-surface level.

Once or twice a week I will slough off the dead skin cells with nickel-sized amount of the product dispense into the palm of the hand, using fingertips and gently apply to clean, damp skin in an upward and outward circular motion, avoiding the eye area. After doing that for a minute, I rinse my face with cool water and pat dry. It is claimed not to use it more than 2 minutes and it is required to monitor closely on the sensitivity of the skin. Although I have very sensitive skin, I do not encounter any skin irritation.

With continued use over a month, my skin is clearer, smoother, pores appear smaller and the skin tone is more even. My skin also appears more hydrated and the fine lines on my forehead is less obvious. Kiehl’s Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion, my skin booster, also helps to prepare my skin for and enhances the effects of topical skin care treatments.

With this home-use Kiehl’s Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion, I can now spend less time and money for a microdermabrasion treatment at the beauty spa. :-)



Will I buy a new tube? Yes definitely!

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4 Comments on "Review – Kiehl’s Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion"

  1. Barbara says:

    Sounds brilliant. I had microdermabrasion done before. They didnt use crystals but instead it was Diamonds. Sounds so glam. I loved the results on my face to. Microdermabrasion Dublin Ireland

  2. MrsRance says:

    Hai Shirleen,

    Can I use this product? My skin is normal to oily. Thanks

  3. Shirleen says:

    Hi Mrs Rance,

    I guess you can.

  4. MrsRance says:

    Thank you Shirleen :) )

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