Review – Ginvera Nutri White Hydrasoft Whitening Stretch Mask

My colleague has given me this free sampling of Ginvera Nutri White Hydrasoft Whitening Stretch Mask which she has obtained as goodies when she signed up at Fr3b Concept Store.

The dubious marketing message printed on the front packaging says “Instant whitening & hydrating effect with just one mask!” WOW!!! Is it too good to be true??

Ginvera Nutri White Hydrasoft Whitening Stretch Mask, produced in China, portray itself as one local brand that seems struggling to become cosmopolitan and state-of-the-art but yet it’s still far from bottom line. This product doesn’t attract me at all especially with its unattractive, simple, boring-looking packaging.

Sad to say, as there is no unique selling point on this brand Ginvera, even they have spent millions on advertisements, I’m still not able to identify or aware the new range of products and it doesn’t leave any impression to me. Try harder Ginvera!

Product profile

Ginvera Nutri White Hydrasoft Whitening Stretch Mask is enriched with natural White Tea Extract, Biogel, Ginseng, Aloe Vera and other natural plant extracts to deliver intense moisture and nutrients to skin cells. Unlike normal paper masks, this mask provides unique stretch-ability to fit skin surface more closely and comfortably, which enhances the absorption of skincare nutrients. Skin becomes visibly fairer, smoother and more supple after just one mask!


Although Biogel is claimed to promote blood and oxygen circulation for effective absorption of skincare nutrients into skin cells but there is no research done on this ingredient.

White Tea Extract has a high concentration of antioxidant properties.

There is vitro research showing Ginseng may stimulate collagen production but there is no evidence indicating on its benefit when applied topically in skincare products.

Aloe Vera nourishes skin for more supple skin.

Thanakha Extract is made from the branches of the sandalwood tree. When ground, the bark of the Thanaka tree is claimed to act as an astringent, sunscreen and antiseptic. Till now, there is no scientific research done on this ingredient and there is no evidence on its whitening benefit.


Firstly, I will have to say I really dislike this so-called unique ‘stretch’ mask. The mask is so small it can’t even cover the entire facial area. I can’t even pull or stretch it at all. Argh!! It really turns me off! The hole for the nostril is so small and I can’t breathe through it properly. And the hole gap between both eyes is so close and that makes it extremely uncomfortable to wear this mask. So disappointing!

Ginvera Nutri White Hydrasoft Whitening Stretch Mask doesn’t hydrate or whiten my skin at all. There is no different before and after. This mask doesn’t contain any ingredient that can help whitening the skin. Hence their marketing message “Instant whitening & hydrating effect with just one mask!” is just a flop, so deceiving!


Will I buy it? Absolutely no way!!


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