FANCL Pore Cleansing Pack & Skin Renewal Pack


FANCL has recently launched 2 new and improved skincare masks to cater to 2 of the most common skin care concerns – clogged pores and dull skin. Introducing Pore Cleansing Pack and Skin Renewal Pack.


Pore Cleansing Pack – S$58 / 40g

fancl pore cleansing pack

Key Benefits : Tackle clogged pores, blackheads & impurities to restore skin clarity & smoothness.

FANCL, the leading Japanese skincare brand known for its MUTENKA Philosophy, introduces a new and improved formula to tackle clogged pores, blackheads and impurities with the new FANCL Pore Cleansing Pack.

fancl pore cleansing pack

fancl pore cleansing pack

This innovative rinse-off mask dissolves, absorbs and removes the impurities that cause clogged pores and blackheads while minimizing the appearance of pores. The moisture-retaining properties elevates the experience of a cleansing mask, ensuring your skin is clear and purified, but also feels as soft as the proverbial baby’s bottom.

The new formula contains Prune Enzyme Extract, an active ingredient that tackles keratin plugs – the creators of blackheads, for easy removal and prevents them from regenerating. Its improved Sebum Absorbing Powder, another active ingredient helps to soak up excess sebum and dirt trapped in the clogged pores, allowing them to be removed easily.

This deep pore skin renewal mask also contains Malvidin, a signature active ingredient in FANCL’s skincare products, that has the ability to purify and increase the effectiveness of the deep cleansing effect for oily and combination skin. Malvidin also restores and revitalises damaged cells, creating healthy, bouncy skin. With Hyaluronic Acid and Fresh Moist Collagen added into the mix, the purifying mask also moisturises as it cleanses so skin is softened and moisture is retained.

fancl pore cleansing pack

The product instruction is printed on the inner side of the box and it comes with a freshness sticker to let me record the date the product is first opened.

fancl pore cleansing pack

fancl pore cleansing pack

To open the mask tube for the first use, all I need to do is to remove the silver ring from the cover, place back the cover without the silver ring this time and close it tight again. The tube is immediately opened once I close the cover tight (without the silver ring). I can now place back the silver ring to the cover.

FANCL’s new Pore Cleansing Pack is said to be suitable for all skin types – Oily, Combination and even Dry Skin.

For Optimal Results - To give your skin an additional clarity, the Pore Cleansing Pack is best used together with FANCL skincare line as an addition to your daily skincare routine.

Cleanse > Pore Cleansing Pack > Lotion > Essence > Moisturizer/Cream

The FANCL Pore Cleansing Pack is priced at S$58 for 40g and it is available at all FANCL Stores. Store locations can be found here:


Skin Renewal Pack – S$46 / 40g

fancl Skin Renewal Pack

Key Benefits : The skin purification & renewal solution to dull skin. To remove dead skin for a more moisturized and radiant skin.

Dull skin is one of the most common skin concerns of most women. In our search for a product that clarifies our complexion, we want a product that more than just sloughs off dead skin. We want a product that works fast to boost radiant results that we can see.

fancl Skin Renewal Pack

FANCL’s solution is its new Skin Renewal Pack, a multi-tasking gel mask. It doesn’t just elevate the skin for optimum absorption of beauty ingredients, uplifting skin to new heights of moisturization and radiance, it also purifies skin by restoring damaged skin cells, buffering against skin troubles even before they begin.

The star ingredient, botanical extract Malvidin, is FANCL’s new skin purification wonder known for its anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties. Malvidin works by putting a stop to skin troubles at an early stage as it helps to remove factors that damage the skin, revitalize damaged or weakened skin cells, and restore the skin’s DNA ability to repair itself.

Skin Renewal Pack also contains Mineral Salts, widely used in Thalassotherapy, treatment which harnesses the power of ingredients from the sea to benefit the skin. Through an osmotic effect, these Mineral Salts strengthen the skin moisture barrier, retaining moisture deep within the derma layer, leaving skin healthy, supple and radiant. Together, these ingredients enhance the skin’s clarity, moisture and regeneration of healthy skin cells. Resulting in purer and more beautiful skin that is radiant from within.

I’m glad that this Skin Renewal Pack is FREE from harmful skin stessors such as additives, preservatives, sterilizers, mineral oil, petroleum surfactant, coloring, fragrance and UV absorbents.

fancl Skin Renewal Pack

fancl skin renewal pack

To open the Skin Renewal Pack for the first use, just follows the same matter as Pore Cleansing Pack as mentioned above.

For Optimal Results - To give your skin an additional radiance, the Skin Renewal Pack is best used together with FANCL skincare line as an addition to your daily skincare routine.

Cleanse > Skin Renewal Pack > Lotion > Essence > Moisturizer/Cream

The FANCL Skin Renewal Pack, retailing at S$46 for 40g, is available at all FANCL stores. Store locations can be found at :


Brief Review

fancl pore cleansing and skin renewal pack mask

Since I have enlarged pores around my inner cheek and nose areas, hence I only apply the Pore Cleansing mask to these areas. I’ve applied the Skin Renewal mask to the rest of the areas.

I’m glad that the Skin Renewal Pack can be applied around the delicate eye and mouth areas. I leave the mask on for 10 minutes.

fancl pore cleansing pack mask

Wow! I can see an instant result upon one use of the Pore Cleansing mask. My pores are more refined and less visible now.

fancl pore cleansing and skin renewal pack mask

Overall, my skin appears more radiant, brighter and evenly toned. If time allows, I will try to apply both masks twice a week.

Thanks for reading, that’s all for today! See ya soon! :D



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