Review – Garnier Light & Aqua Second Skin Masks


Quite a while ago, I was invited to review 2 facial masks from Garnier. They are the newly launched Second Skin Mask Range in 2 selections – Light Intensive 3 in 1 Whitening Essence Second Skin Mask and Aqua Defense Hydrating Glowing Essence Second Skin Mask.

I’ve received one sheet from each selection.

Designed specifically to suit Asian women’s facial features, Second Skin Mask uses innovative high fitting tissue which allows the mask to stay on all curves of the face perfectly.

Using new weightless technology, Garnier Second Skin Mask is a thin translucent sheet that lies closely to the skin, reducing trapped air bubbles.

The mask is pretty wet with dilute serum and it fits perfectly on my face. Can’t find much air bubbles trapping around. The mask is quite thin and translucent too. Both masks are said to be suitable for all skin types.


Aqua Defense Hydrating Glowing Essence Second Skin Mask – S$21.90 for 5 sheets

This Aqua Second Skin Mask contains Tanggula Glacier Water, White Tea, Green Tea Extracts and Vitamin E, that are claimed to nourish the skin and provide antioxidant benefits from harmful effects from the environment. The key ingredient Tanggula Glacier Water is claimed to be rich in natural moisturizing factor, potassium, calcium and water.

This picture was taken immediately upon removal of mask and my skin was a little wet actually. I encountered minor irritation (circled) on my skin near the nose area that disappeared within few minutes. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice any significant improvement on my skin. My skin wasn’t hydrated nor smooth.


Light Intensive 3 in 1 Whitening Essence Second Skin Mask – S$21.90 for 5 sheets

This Light Second Skin Mask, for whitening purpose, is claimed to contain three natural ingredients – Tanggula Glacier Water, Scutellaria extract and Lemon essence – works fast on dull skin, leaving skin supple and revitalised.

I was rather disappointed to find out that one of the key ingredients, Lemon essence, is a potent skin sensitizer/irritant and is a NO-NO for my sensitive skin. I’m not gonna risk my skin for that. So no further feedback on this mask.


Availability and Price

Garnier Light and Aqua Second Skin Masks are now available at Watsons, Guardians, major supermarkets, hypermarkets and selected departmental stores. Retailing at S$21.90 per box (5 sheets).


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  1. yy says:

    Hi I saw a new Japan face mask, named Frahasana, is selling at Nishino pharmacy. Have you try it? Do you have the review of this mask?

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