Review – The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Lip Care Stick

In fact, I never have any intention to buy The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Lip Care Stick, but just because I was short of approx. $10 to fill up the total purchase in order to get the discount and this lip balm fit the bill. Haha, go ahead and call me a typical kiasu Singaporean.

But luckily so far, it never disappoints me and I’m glad I have tried this lip balm for my own use. It is definitely considered a no-frills product.

Product claim

A handy mini stick that offers extra-intensive melt-on moisture for the lips, thanks to its innovative concentrate format. Melts and glides over skin as you apply, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and supple.


Well the product name says it all - ”Cocoa Butter” Lip Care Stick. Cocoa butter, its key ingredient, never fails to hydrate my lip. This lip balm also contains a thoughtful blend of nut oils, wax and olive oil.


First I will have to say I really like the texture very much. Its smooth texture blend perfectly well onto my lip. Non-oily or sticky is also a plus point.

It helps to moisture my lip for a long period. The cocoa butter aroma is refreshing too (well I guess either you hate it or love it haha!). Cocoa Butter Lip Care Stick is considered an excellent handy lip balm I have tried so far. Absolutely a great find!


Will I buy it again? …… Definitely!


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  1. BobMarche says:

    Thanks for the useful info. It’s so interesting

  2. shirleen says:

    Thanks for your compliment. :-)

  3. kurelman says:

    Thanks for the interesting information.

  4. maya says:

    shirleen, thank you for this.

    im getting one for me also sooner!

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