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Paula Begoun, the famous cosmetics cop from US, believes that we do not need an eye cream! She claims that there is no evidence to prove product formulations for eye creams don’t differ from those for face products. Frankly, I actually believe in her at first!

Out of curiosity, I did a test and I completely stopped applying an eye cream and instead using my usual day or night moisturizer to hydrate my eye areas for a period of time. The method doesn’t really work for me as I began to encounter minor irritation on my delicate eye areas. My eyes began to get teary and stinging at times. After the test trial, I have to disagree with her and I feel that an eye cream is ultimately essential.

As the skin around the eye areas is delicate and fragile due to the fact that it is much thinner than the rest on the face and in addition there’s no oil glands to keep it moist. Therefore wrinkles and fine lines will easily develop around the eye areas.

Many many months ago, I was given a chance to test the Future Solution LX Eye & Lip Contour Regenerating Cream from Shiseido. Yes yes yes my bad for taking years to review it. It’s better late than never. <grin>

Shiseido Future Solution LX Eye & Lip Contour Regenerating Cream is positioned as a luxurious anti-aging eye cream targeted to conscious customers.


Shiseido Future Solution LX Eye & Lip Contour Regenerating Cream

Product Claim

A powerful restoring treatment that addresses visible signs of aging while protecting skin’s resilience now and into the future. A SHISEIDO skincare original technology formulated with the innovative Form Support Veil, effectively corrects and helps prevent the appearance of lines and sagging around the delicate eye and lip areas.



Future Solution LX Eye & Lip Contour Regenerating Cream basically contains a generous amount of skin-thickening, humectants, emollients, film-forming and slip agents.

A minuscule amounts of antioxidants can be found in the cream such as tocopheryl acetate, saccharomyces ferment lysate filtrate, camellia sinensis leaf extract and tocopherol.

Although it contains a handful of irritating ingredients like fragrance, linalool, alcohol, limonene and angelica acutiloba root extract, thankfully I have never experienced any irritation so far.



First, I was actually very impressed with its luxurious packaging. It is packed in a black acrylic box that is later wrapped with a black die-cut textured paper.

Future Solution LX Eye & Lip Contour Regenerating Cream is formulated with a rich and creamy texture that is extremely ideal for super dry skin on the eye areas. I actually like its soft creamy texture and due to its rich texture, I will only use it during the night. The creamy texture actually turns slightly thicker when the jar of eye cream is almost finishing.

Upon application, it leaves a luxurious smooth finish that absorbs into the skin easily. Future Solution LX Eye & Lip Contour Regenerating Cream can be used on the eye and lip areas. I’ve never tried it on my lip.

Here’s a great tutorial link at Shiseido Singapore website that demonstrates the correct way to use the eye and lip cream around the eyes and lip areas :

Since I have pretty dehydrated and crepey wrinkled skin on the lower eyelid areas, Future Solution LX Eye & Lip Contour Regenerating Cream which contains a handful of emollients and humectants, does effectively help to provide excellent hydration for the areas.

Although it contains a couple of antioxidant ingredients but unfortunately the amounts are quite minuscule and therefore it may unlikely help to prevent the appearance of lines and sagging.

In order to avoid the beneficial ingredients to deteriorate due to the presence of air whenever the jar is opened, so for daily usage I will scope a small portion of the cream from the jar into a small travel-size container.

All-in-all, Future Solution LX Eye & Lip Contour Regenerating Cream is overall a pretty good eye moisturizer. My lower eyelid areas appear more moisture and smooth. The fine lines somewhat appear less obvious although the result is temporary. The hydrating ingredients help to plump up the skin and hence reduce the appearance of fine lines.



Will I buy it? Maybe!


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6 Comments on "Review – Shiseido Future Solution LX Eye & Lip Contour Regenerating Cream"

  1. Coraline says:

    May I know where was the eye cream made from?

  2. Shirleen says:

    Hi Coraline,

    This eye cream is made in Japan.

  3. JennYFromTheBlock says:

    I looove this product! I bought it first at TJMaxx in the clearance section and was hooked! My eyes are definately aging and as a former smoker my upper lips are more crinkled than they should be. I have not found a better, richer, less irritating eye cream that doesn’t make my eyes look greasy and smeary with makeup; I don’t get stinging/buzzy eyes like I do with many other eye products. I definately notice a difference when I’m running out and not using it regularly and if I have something important coming up I’ll put it on night and day, but usually only day.
    I wasn’t even sure they were still making it because last time I bought it online the seller only had two left (so I bought both!). Now I see that its $130.00!!! Ouch–better to look good than to feel good? Thank you for your review–I didn’t know the technical aspects (to back up the claims)

  4. Peeks says:

    I have mature skin 50s, my eye area is dry, I cannot see to find a suitable eye cream that keeps it hydrated….I do not want anything too strong , just enough to keep it hydrated
    Nothing too expensive.

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