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Proper cleansing is one of the most important regimen for a healthy-looking skin. I believe with good cleansing, skin will not only feel fresh and clean, it will also help to slow down the signs of aging. If skin is not properly cleanse, more residues will accumulate on the skin surface and therefore skin will get duller and rough, and beneficial nutrients will not be able to penetrate onto the skin.

After reading some good online reviews on Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Milk, I decided to give it a try. Its fragrance-free content which is extremely safe for my sensitive skin, provides more assurance that this product should be good for me.


Product Claims

Gentle, milky makeup dissolver removes even long-wearing facial makeup and sunscreens, then tissues off or rinses away with water. Residue-free formula leaves all skin types soft, comfortable. For all skin types; ideal for drier skins.



Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Milk contains mainly humectants, antioxidants, thickening, cleansing and water-binding agents. It contains no fragrance which is good.



Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Milk is a gentle and lightweight cleansing lotion. It is free of fragrance which is very suitable for my rosacea, sensitive and dry skin.

This cleanser does not easily completely remove the permanent mascara well. At least two rounds of cleansing is required.

Another setback is that it stings my eyes whenever my eyes get in touch with the solvent. It is really a torture if I want to do a proper eye makeup cleansing. So annoying!

I have to completely close both my eyes and blindly cleanse my eye areas. And I have to immediately wash off the cleanser with water to avoid getting more stinging. Sometimes I even have to do another round of this torturing process if I happened to wear heavy eye makeup. So irritating!

Thankfully, the stinging sensation has gradually reduced after long use and I’m almost finishing the cleanser.

I will recommend not to use this cleansing milk to remove the eye makeup. It is more suitable for face cleansing only. Overall, Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Milk does help to cleanse off the dirt and makeup off on my face. My skin feels fresh and clean. My skin does not feel dry at all which is good.



Will I buy it again? Don’t think so!!


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  1. Skin Blossom says:

    It is a shame they don’t use organic ingredients.

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