Review – The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Facial Toner

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Facial Toner, is claimed to remove excess traces of cleanser, dirt and makeup, is suitable for oily and blemished skin.

Product review

Refreshing toner that removes excess traces of cleanser, dirt and make-up, helping to control shine and blemishes without drying the skin. With natural witch hazel to remove every last trace of make-up.

A toner or a brush cleanser?

This product was introduced by one of the beauty consultant when I was shopping for a brush cleanser which happened to run out of stock. She recommended me this product as the best alternative for makeup brush cleanser. At first, I felt resistant about using a toner as a brush cleanser but she reassure me that it is a good buy and no worry about it.

Instructions as a brush cleanser

Pour some toner onto tissue papers or towel, rub the brush onto the damp areas and rinsing is not required.

Result as a brush cleanser

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Facial Toner helps to remove dirt and makeup from the brush effectively.

Ingredient claims

Tea tree essential oil – has natural purifying antibacterial properties. Is known to help soothe blemished skin.

Witch hazel – helps to refresh the skin and reduce the appearance of puffiness.

Allantoin – soothes the skin.

The truth about the ingredients

Although tea tree oil is the key ingredient but it only contains just a trace of it. It is primarily water, surfactant and preservative.

It contains some skin-irritants such as benzyl alcohol and witch hazel.

Result as a toner

I use this toner for my oily nose. It not only dries up my skin but also causes serious skin irritation. I also hate the antibacterial scent.

Rating as a toner

Will I buy it again? …… Never!

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