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During my recent trip to Japan in April this year, I happened to come across a lifting cleansing product by Dr CiLabo that comes with an unique texture.

I believe most of you may not have heard of Dr CiLabo. Surprisingly it is pretty popular in Japan as I can find it at almost all the beauty stores I have patronized. Fortunately, Dr CiLabo is now available in Singapore and you can find it at Isetan Orchard, Parco Marina Bay and Centrepoint the Robinsons.

Dr CiLabo, a leading medical cosmetic brand in Japan, was founded by Yoshinori Shirono who is one of the few doctors in Japan specializing in dermatological laser surgery with over 50,000 cases under his name.

Its signature product Aqua Collagen Gel, is FREE of surfactants, mineral oils, artificial colorings or fragrances, has sold more than 10 millions jars so far.

Dr. CiLabo Enrich-Lift Cleansing & Massage, price at S$53.00 for a 110g, is one of the few amazing Dr CiLabo products I’ve tested. It is the love at first use! It is probably one of the best makeup cleansers I’ve use so far. Continue reading to find out more….


Product Profile & Ingredients

Enrich-Lift Cleansing & Massage, a makeup remover that is gentle yet completely removes makeup dirt.

Ingredients like Tourmaline and Ginger Root Extract, along with Dr.Ci:Labo unique massage technique, helps promotes blood circulations and improve skin’s metabolism.
Thus, eliminates face swelling effectively.

It also includes Maritime placenta (placenta extract), stimulates cell division which is rich in strong growth factor and nutrients like amino acids, proteins, nucleic acids, various vitamins, minerals, enzymes.

Flexible hard protein: a protein related to the skin elasticity helps prevent wrinkles and coenzyme Q10 (Coenzyme), an anti-oxidant to slow down the process of aging.



Enrich-Lift Cleansing & Massage, that comes with an unique texture, has duo functions. It is a makeup remover cum massage cleanser.

To upkeep their youthful looking skin, Japanese women believes that regular facial massage is essential as it can help to tone the muscle, increase blood circulation and improve skin firmness. Massage actually tones the muscle and dermis layer of the skin whilst most skincare products are only able to address the epidermis layer alone.

My first impression with this cleanser is great! It is love at first use!

What amazes me most is the unique texture! The white lightweight creamy texture instantly turns into a watery silky clear fluid texture when I gently massage it onto the skin. Wow! That is amazing! The clear lightweight texture actually feels like a mild cleansing oil without the greasiness feel. It also feels like a dilute massage oil that doesn’t leave a sticky or greasy residue on my skin at all.

Its silky satin smooth oil-like consistency makes the massage easier as it allow my hands to glide gently over my skin. So now I can remove my makeup and massage my face with this duo-function cleanser at the same time!

To demonstrate the cleansing effectiveness, I have applied a small amount onto the (from left) white shimmery eyeshadow, waterproof mascara, waterproof liquid eyeliner, dark gray eyeshadow and rich red lipstick.

After a quick and gentle massage, the waterproof and eyeliner stains are still visible. But after putting my hand under the running water and gently rub over the stains at the same time, the stubborn makeup stains are almost completely removed.

Although there’s still almost invisible stain on my skin, I’m actually very pleased with the result overall. My skin actually feels extremely smooth and moist without any tightness feeling. In addition, it leaves no trace of stickiness and greasiness on my skin at all.

All-in-all, Enrich-Lift Cleansing & Massage, is an excellent duo makeup cleanser. It effectively helps to remove all traces of makeup and it also allows an easy massage with its smooth oil-like consistency that glides easily over my skin. I extremely love the silky smooth consistency! Thumbs up!

Enrich-Lift Cleansing & Massage has now became my must-have makeup cleanser I can’t leave without! I’m glad I’ve found this product!



Will I buy it again? Yes Definitely!


Dr. CiLabo Enrich-Lift Cleansing & Massage, retailing at S$53.00 for a 110g, is now available at Dr. CiLabo counters @ Isetan Orchard, Parco Marina Bay and Centrepoint the Robinsons.

Visit Dr. CiLabo site for more products details :


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