Review – Nivea Body UV Whitening Serum SPF 25 PA++


Nivea Body UV Whitening Serum SPF 25 PA++

Recently, I was invited to review a new interesting body product, and without much hesitation, I accepted the offer swiftly. It is the new Nivea Body UV Whitening Serum SPF 25 PA++. A whitening serum for body? Wow! Sounds interesting! I’m so keen to try it because it is the first whitening body serum for intensive whitening and repair of accumulated dull and sun-damaged skin. Plus it comes with sun protection SPF 25 PA++ and is enriched with 95% pure Vitamin C!

Majority of Asian women are known to love fair complexion as fairness is equated with beauty and youth. Interestingly, many Asian women will often invest a huge amount of time and money into whitening and sun protection for face, but neglect the needs of their bodies. Since our body is also exposed to the same sun exposure as our face, but how many of you actually apply sun protection products on our body too? Sad to say I actually don’t and I’m one of those lazy ones who have also neglected to protect my body against the harmful sun exposure too. Well, you should be aware by now that frequent exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause skin damage, wrinkling and speed up skin aging.

I’m glad I was born with fair skin and it actually makes me look younger than my actual age. :D But because of the frequent exposure to harmful UV rays, my fair body somewhat looks dry, wrinkled and dull. It is especially more obvious on my hands. I guess it’s time to adopt a whitening body care regimen right now.


Nivea Body UV Whitening Serum SPF 25 PA++

Product Profile

nivea body whitening serum

Enriched with more Vitamin C than ever, New! NIVEA Whitening Body range contains powerful mixes of ingredients that cater to different whitening needs of Asian skin. Many are unaware of the whitening benefits that vitamin C provides. A powerful anti-oxidant, Vitamin C reduces melanin production and lightens your skin naturally. Licorice extracts in the formulas stimulate the reduction of Melanin and uneven pigmentation within the deeper layers of the skin while advanced UVA and UVB filters found in all products within this range effectively protects skin from the attacks of harmful UV rays.

Similar to how whitening serums and essences work for your face, this innovation is a 14-day intensive whitening treatment for your body. A new breakthrough in technology of whitening with a lightweight and deep absorption serum formula, this 1st ever body whitening serum comes with SPF25, offering daily sun protection against sun damage and skin darkening.

nivea body whitening serum

Enriched with natural Vitamin C from Camu Camu and 95% Pure Vitamin C to penetrate deeply to repair and restore accumulated sun-damaged skin cells, and lighten dull and dark skin. New! NIVEA Body UV Whitening Serum with SPF25, 200ml helps you achieve visibly fairer, more radiant and even toned skin in 14 days.



Unlike other whitening body cream or lotion, this Nivea Body UV Whitening Serum SPF 25 PA++ is actually a serum which means I will need to apply this Nivea serum before applying my usual body moisturizer. Just like my face, my body needs nutrients and sun protection too to help treat the sun-damaged skin and prevent skin aging. Thanks to its SPF25 PA++ and 95% pure Vitamin C formulation.

nivea body whitening serum

The texture is much lighter than my usual body cream. I personally prefer richer body cream to help nourish my tight-feeling super dry skin after every shower.

Upon application, the body serum absorbs into the skin pretty fast and it doesn’t leave any greasiness at all. I actually like its gentle refreshing scent.

After using it for almost 7 days by now, I have not noticed much of a difference in terms of fairness yet however my skin does feel less drying than before. Thanks to its SPF 25 formulation, I’m pleased I have made an effort to protect my body skin against the harmful UV rays especially by applying it half an hour before going out in the sun.

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