Review – Rosken Firming & Nourishing Cream


Out of curiosity, I bought this Rosken Firming & Nourishing Cream, a body cream, which I found at one of the neighbourhood drugstore, to see how believing is the claim which said “to firm the skin by up to 60% in 28 days”. WOW!!? 

Product claims

With unique BiOpti-Firm+ Plus CoQ10, Collagen and Elastin, firm the skin by up to 60% in 28 days. Firms, tones and nourishes skin for 24 hour protection. Rosken Firming & Nourishing Cream includes the latest in cosmeceutical skin firming technology to create a highly specialised moisturizing body lotion that visibly improves skin firmness, tone and elasticity. A special blend of luxurious emollients leaves skin perfectly moisturized and silky smooth. 


Rosken Firming & Nourishing Cream contains some natural emollient ingredients like almond oil, caprylic/capric triglyceride and cetyl alcohol. It also contains lactic acid, a alpha hydroxy acid extracted from milk, which helps to exfoliates cells on the surface of skin by breaking down the material that holds skin cells together.

Other good water-binding ingredients like serine, elastin and urea; antioxidant ingredients like tocopheryl acetate, BHT and yeast extract can be found in the product. It does not contains paraben. 


Light, non-oily and easily absorbed onto the skin


After 28 days, there is not visible improvement on firming, toning or giving the skin more elasticity as it claimed. But it does moisturize my skin pretty well. No improvement on the cellulite reduction too.


Will I buy it again? …… Maybe!


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