My SK-II’s 4 Weeks “Foundation: Got or Not” NEW Cellumination Essence EX Challenge


A few weeks ago, I was super delighted to be invited to participate in SK-II Cellumination’s Blogger Challenge. I”m glad to be one of the first bloggers in Singapore to experience a brilliant translucent aura skin with the new SK-II products.

sk-ii cellumination essence ex mask-in lotion day surge

In this 4-week trial, in addition to the new improved Cellumination Essence EX (centre) which is the key product of the challenge, I’ve also received the Cellumination Mask-In Lotion (left) and the Cellumination Day Surge UV (right). I have actually tested the first generation Cellumination Essence in early last year. I really love it very much and I have actually bought a second bottle soon after I finished my first. It is considered one of the best skincare products I’ve ever tried so far.


NEW Cellumination Essence EX

Product Profile

sk-ii cellumination essence ex

The new SK-II Cellumination Essence EX takes a great formula and makes it better with the new Pixel WhiteTM whitening ingredient. Improve your skin from the cellular level and experience highly defined, aura bright skin in just 4 weeks*.

sk-ii cellumination essence ex

It has almost the same texture as the previous version, which is silky, lightweight and in fluid white.

sk-ii cellumination essence ex

Cellumination Essence EX is formulated with a couple of potent ingredients, including the new Pixel WhiteTM whitening ingredient and the iconic signature SK-II ingredient Pitera (2nd on the list), that has hydrating and brightening benefits.


‘Foundation: Got or Not’ Cellumination Trial

BEFORE the 4-week trial (above), I’ve gone down to SK-II counter at Isetan Scotts to check my skin’s Aura with SK-II’s Magic Ring. As I wanted to obtain accurate before-and-after results upon the challenge, I didn’t apply any foundation while doing this skin check.

sk-ii cellumination essence ex magic ring

AFTER the 4-week trial, I dropped by at the same SK-II counter at Isetan Scotts again to have my skin check with Magic Ring. I asked the SA to help remove my light makeup on my left face prior the check in order to get accurate before-and-after results.

The Magic Ring will be able to determine my 5 critical dimensions of skin – Texture Refinement, Firmness Power, Wrinkle Resilience, Spot Control and Radiance Enhancement – that affect the vibrancy and clarify of my skin.


BEFORE & AFTER 4-week challenge results

sk-ii magic ring

The before and after results for TEXTURE REFINEMENT (above images) are not significant different though. There’s no different in skin’s age upon the trial.

(Above) The white spots are pores that are invisible to the naked eyes. Oops! That’s a lot to me!

sk-ii magic ring 5 dimensions firmness power

There’s a drastic improvement on the FIRMNESS POWER. The lower the angle of the Ageless Vector, the better the result will be. It was 31˚ and now it is 22˚!

Before the 4-week trial, my skin’s age on firmness was 44 years old but now it has gone down to 34 years old! Wow, a 10-year difference!

The after result for WRINKLE RESILIENCE is rather good too! Before, my skin’s age was 41 years old but now it has reduced to 34 years old!

Although there’s no different in my skin’s age, but I can see a slight reduction on spots from before-and-after results for SPOT CONTROL. The yellow lines on the left image (above) indicate the visible spots whilst the red lines on the right image indicate spots that are invisible to the naked eyes.

I score well on the Radiance Enhancement too. My skin’s age has reduced from 37 years old to 34 years old after 4 weeks.

Curious to know the overall total scores? And the results are….

sk-ii magic ring ageless vector

Woohoo! I can’t believe I score so well after 4 weeks! The Cellumination Essence EX actually helps to improve and control my pigmentation, scoring a full-mark 100% in just 4 weeks. My skin appears firmer and radiant too with unbelievable results!

sk-ii cellumination essence ex

(Above left picture) My skin looks great even with no makeup. (Above right picture) I didn’t apply any foundation at all, just loose powder, blusher, lipstick, eyeliner and mascara. My skin still looks glowing and radiant even without foundation! Woof! :D

NEW Cellumination Essence EX has became my must-have skincare product for my night regimen. I can’t leave without it now. It has proven to help reduce my pigmentation (except for the dark stubborn spots on the right cheek area), fine lines on the forehead seem less visible, pores appear more refined and skin looks more radiant. My uneven skin tone appears less visible too.

My Day Regimen : Facial Treatment Essence >> new Cellumination Essence EX >> Cellumination Day Surge UV

My Night Regimen : Cellumination Mask-in Lotion >> Facial Treatment Essence >> new Cellumination Essence EX >> StemPower Cream



NEW Cellumination Essence EX is now available at all SK-II counters, retailing at S$199 for 30ml, S$299 for 50ml and S$388 for 75ml (limited edition).


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4 Comments on "My SK-II’s 4 Weeks “Foundation: Got or Not” NEW Cellumination Essence EX Challenge"

  1. anna says:

    Are you still using this product? Been wanting to buy this but dont want to splurge and end up regreting it. Do you think it is advisable to use this for early 20s?

  2. Judy says:

    Hi Shirleen,
    I don’t know how to say but really happy to find out your website. I m having my skin problem about 9months after I move to U.S with family. My skin start breaking out and touching rough what I rarely had before when I was in Vietnam. I don’t have much experience on skin care product and really has not found out the suitable products for my skin ( combination skin). Reading your topics, your skin with 44yrars olds, really I feel I look older much more than you (35 years old). So can you please help me, give me advise for my skin care products. Moreover the winter is coming next month, I m really worry my skin get worse. So please help me, i appreciate very much Shirleen. I m looking to breaking from you soon!!! Judy .

    • Shirleen says:

      Hi Judy,

      I reckon your skin is dehydrated. As winter is coming real soon, the more you need to ensure your skin is well hydrated. Your skin will appear dry, rough and dull-looking when is dehydrated, and that can lead to weak skin barrier function (aka skin metabolism). A weak skin barrier easily gets irritation and accelerates aging.

      Avoid products with ‘alcohol’ or ‘alcohol denat’ as much as you can.

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