Can Lancôme SUPER SERUMS Transform My Skin In Just 7 Days?


If you have read my recent post on Lancôme’s SUPER SERUMS Sampling Campaign, you probably are aware that I will be sharing my reviews on the SUPER SERUMSGénifique Youth Activator and Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector. Yes after testing both serums for 7 days, I’m ready to do so.

lancome genifique and visionnaire

These two fast-acting anti-aging formulas are claimed to transform your skin in only 1 week and are rated as the “Best Serums” by Singaporean women. Claimed as 2 powerful formulas on its own and when combined together, these two SUPER SERUMS complement each other skin-transforming ability to create a youthful, smooth and truly beautiful skin.

A survey was performed on 134 Singaporean women who used both Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector & Génifique Youth Activator together:

  • 90% think Visionnaire and Génifique are the best serums they have ever tried
  • 94% see dramatically improved results when using Visionnaire and Génifique together
  • 89% are satisfied with the results after using both Visionnaire with Génifique
  • 87% agree Visionnaire and Génifique combination is the best skincare regime they have ever tried
  • 87% find Visionnaire and Génifique combination the best skincare investment

lancome genifique

Génifique Youth Activator

Launched in 2009 and an exclusive formula based on gene science, Génifique has received over 130 awards worldwide and millions have been sold throughout the world. Formulated with biolysat extract that is said to help stimulate 7 activities in the stratum corneum, restore epidermal balance and optimize skin’s moisture level.

lancome visionnaire

Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector

Launched in October 2011, Visionnaire Advanced Skin Corrector is formulated with a unique LR 2412 molecule which is claimed to permeate all skin layers to visibly reduce pores, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. And it is also said to boost cell renewal and synthesis, repair damaged tissue and improve skin’s function as a defense barrier against external aggressions.


Reviews Reviews Reviews!

To be true, I was pretty excited but somewhat skeptical at the same time prior trying both SUPER SERUMS for the first time.

I have always wanted to try out the Lancôme’s award-winning Génifique Youth Activator for the longest time. What’s holding me back is the Alcohol Denat which may cause skin irritation to my sensitive skin. Both serums actually contain this ingredient.

But to my surprise, other than the first two days (tiny red spots which disappear quickly), there is absolutely zero irritation from third days onwards. I’m so glad I have summoned the courage to finally test it!

lancome genifique and visionnaire

Génifique has an ultra-light, non-greasy, almost clear fluid texture which absorbs onto the skin pretty fast. Visionnaire has a lightweight, whitish translucent fluid texture that also easily absorbs onto the skin too. I actually like the mild fragrance scent of the Visionnaire.

Since Génifique acts as a serum booster which means it is the first serum to be used prior other serums.

Upon thoroughly cleansing my face and toning, I first apply the Génifique to help boost the efficacy of subsequent skincare product for maximum results. After which I apply Visionnaire and follow with my usual moisturizer.

Upon using both SUPER SERUMS for only three days, I began to see a very very superficial improvement on my dull-looking skin. And after using for seven days, my skin clarity has visibly improved. Overall, my skin appears slightly more radiant, brighter and even toned. My skin looks somewhat less dull, yellowish and tired. In just a short span of time, I’m pretty surprised by the superficial results. Enlarged pores seem to be slightly more refined and fine lines on my forehead somewhat appear less obvious too.

So are you READY to transform your skin in just 7 days too? Well, now you can!

Redeem “Super Serums” 1-Week Duo Sample in the month of February!

Simply click here or scan the QR code below to make a simple registration to receive a complimentary “Super Serums” – Genifique and Visionnaire – 1 Week Duo Trial Sample that will last you for a week. Collection will be done at any Lancôme Counter islandwide. Do register early as this sampling campaign is only available in the month of Febuary 2013! Hurry! Don’t miss it!

Do share your results if you have tried them too! Love to hear from you too! See ya! :D


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4 Comments on "Can Lancôme SUPER SERUMS Transform My Skin In Just 7 Days?"

  1. Claire says:

    I did try a sample of Génifique (gifted as a sample in a magazine) for 2 days. If i recall correctly, my skin did look more radiant. But not sure would this be temporary effect. But i saw that the Masako Mizutani used that. Lol. Maybe i want to buy a bottle to try if i have the budget.

    But Lancome recommended these 2 serums used together, gonna burn a hole in the pocket. I used the Estee ANR for around 2 months, but i think it doesn’t improve my skin. Not sure. A facial lady in a facial salon recommended me to use one of their products and vita plus – ceramide to treat my skin sensitivity and hydration. Asked me to stop ANR at the moment cos those anti-aging products might be too strong. Haha don’t know who to believe. But i think i have to use Anti-aging as my skin is aging, thin, dull, especially dry sometimes, being at 31. There will be lines when i smile or make expressions.

    I have ordered the Paula’s retinol serum, hope it will improve my skin. I also used the Lancaster elixie serum (for sensitive skin) before (3 or 4 bottles i think), it does makes the skin radiant as well. But after time, i feel it loses effect. This is used by Fann Wong.

    • Shirleen says:

      Hi Claire,

      Yes it will be great to use both serums together as Génifique acts as a serum booster that helps boost the efficacy of Visionnaire.

      No I don’t agree with the lady from the facial salon that ANR is too strong for your skin. It is one of the good anti-aging serums available. However, do not expect it to give you a youthful skin cos it is rather a serum that helps to delay the process of aging.

      Paula’s retinol serum is a good starter, great you have bought it. I’ve never try Lancaster elixie serum before.

  2. Janice says:

    Hi Shirleen,

    I am currently using SKII FTE, Hada Labo as toner and Paula Choice’s BHA (thanks to your recommendation! ). How do I add in these 2 products into my regime? Or will it be better if I skip FTE so that I’m able to see more effect of Lancome?

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