Discovering The Additional Benefits Of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence


When we talk about SK-II, what is the ONE SK-II product that women and even men (non SK-II users) around the world will love to or must try? It is nevertheless the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence!

Women and men who have been faithfully using it for many years, have sworn by it! So what so special about this ‘miracle water’?

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, launched since 1980, is considered to contain the most concentrated amount of Pitera (90%) of all the SK-II skincare products. Its successful formula has remained unchanged since its first launch. Pitera, SK-II’s signature ingredient, is discovered by scientists when they noticed the elderly workers working at a sake brewery in Japan had wrinkled faces, but extraordinarily soft and youthful hands. It is said to be rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, organic acids and other natural ingredients that are beneficial to the skin. It helps restore vital balance by promoting the skin’s natural 28-day surface renewal process.

It is positioned to drive the five dimensions (spots control, wrinkle resilience, texture refinement, firmness power and radiance enhancement) of the skin to achieve SK-II’s signature porcelain crystal clear skin. More than 20 million bottles have been sold since 2011 and it is said that a bottle is sold every 20-over seconds. WOW!!

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, the ‘heart’ of every SK-II Skincare ritual, is one product that almost all SK-II users can’t leave without!


Discovering the Additional Benefits of
Facial Treatment Essence

Recently, I was invited to challenge myself to discover the additional benefits of the Facial Treatment Essence. Coincidentally, I have been suffering from bad skin lately due to the extreme stress, lack of sleep and ignorance. Well, what a great timing to see if the Facial Treatment Essence be able to eliminate my recent skin concerns.

Firstly, my skin appears dull-looking and feels extremely dehydrated and tight. The dehydration causes my skin to get oily easily in the middle of the day and fine lines appear more obvious. My makeup (foundation) melts away easily and my skin ends up looking patchy most of the time. That’s really turning me off actually! I have even tried using various primers to help set the foundation, but my skin still turns patchy after 2-3 hours later. I have adult acne located around both sides of the jawline areas.

I have been neglecting these skin problems for a while and I did nothing to them as I was too busy with my day work, personal activities and blogging. Yes excuses excuses excuses…….. hee hee……. And my loss of interest in making myself feel beautiful again (hee hee … it happens once in a while) that is mainly due to the stress and I have to confess my laziness kicks in too! :D

In fact just right before the challenge, for the past one week I have tried to be a ‘hard worker’ by exfoliating my skin with a gentle facial scrub (alternate days) and hydrating my skin with hydrating mask cream (daily) prior to my night regimen. This scrub+mask treatment does hydrate my skin a little however it doesn’t help to eliminate other skin concerns.

It’s been a while since I have tried the Facial Treatment Essence and I’m so looking forward to pampering my skin again with this ‘Miracle Water’!

I have just starting using it again (on night regimen only) and in less than a week I have already noticed a visibly improvement on my skin appearance. The first thing I notice is the improvement in my skin condition during the day. My skin is definitely less oily and in turn my pore sizes seem less visible actually. The foundation doesn’t melt easily and my skin doesn’t turn patchy easily even after 2-3 hours later. The adult acne situated around both sides of the jawline areas have reduced significantly. My skin also appears superficially less dull too.

My application method : I apply a generous amount of Facial Treatment Essence onto a cotton pad and gently wipe the soaked cotton pad over my entire face. I like this method as it acts like a toner that helps refresh skin and remove excess residue; and it also helps the nutrients to be fully absorbed into the skin.

After using it for three days, I realized my skin still feels a little tight after washing hence I decided to do a DIY facial mask using the Facial Treatment Essence over the weekend.

I first pour the Facial Treatment Essence (about 10 drops or more) onto the compressed paper facial mask and then place the soaked paper mask onto my face.

I leave it on for about 10 minutes before the paper mask turns dry.

The right side of the face with the mask on (with Facial Treatment Essence) appears superficially moisturized and glowing as compared to the other side without the mask. The skin tightness instantly disappears upon the diy mask treatment.

I can even do my own DIY eye mask with the Facial Treatment Essence too. It goes to show the Facial Treatment Essence is pretty safe to use around my delicate eye areas too. :-)

All-in-all, thanks to its signature ingredient Pitera, Facial Treatment Essence can act as a toner, enhancer, serum, hydrator and oil-control for me. :D So far after using it for less than a week, I’m pretty pleased with the results and I will definitely continuously using it! Looking forward to a more clearer and radiant skin soon!

Are you a SK-II Facial Treatment Essence user too? If yes, have you found any extra benefit that is different from what I have shared? We love to hear from you too!


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  1. suharni bair says:

    Hi..where di you get tge face and eye paper mask?

  2. Shirleen says:

    Hi Suharni Bair,

    The compressed face mask was given free in a Sisley travel pack and the eye paper mask was bought in Japan.

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