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Two months ago in early July 2011, while I was attending an exclusive event at Changi Airport transit areas, I accidentally chanced upon 2 newest SK-II anti-aging products – SKII Wrinkle Specialist and Signature Eye Cream.

An exclusive media launch was held on the same afternoon at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3 and I believe it was attended by media and VIP customers.

In fact, Changi Airport is proud to be the first in the world to launch these 2 newest anti-aging products. Even Japan has not even launched these 2 anti-aging products during the time. Since I couldn’t wait for the products to be available at department stores, I decided to buy the SK-II Wrinkle Specialist at Perfumes & Cosmetics store @ Changi Airport Terminal 3 at S$168 for testing and review. <grinning> I’m glad to be one of the first to try this anti-aging product. Anyway, both products have recently been officially launched and are now available at all SK-II counters @ department stores, retailing at S$180.


SK-II Anti-Aging Marketing Profile

Your skin has the natural ability to renew itself, an ability we call Skin Power. But like the sands of time, it slips away with age. SK-II’s latest anti-aging solutions are formulated especially to restore your Skin Power. use them daily as part of your skin care regimen and in years to come, you’ll discover that your biggest secret is no longer your age – it’s how you preserve your youthful-looking skin.


SK-II Wrinkle Specialist


Product Profile

Reduces the appearances of wrinkles by softening the skin. Your skin softens from the first time you apply it. Your wrinkles begin to disappear after just 14 days.



At first, after a quick glance at the ingredients, I was actually shocked to discover that this SK-II Wrinkle Specialist contains 4 alcohol ingredients (stearyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, behenyl alcohol and benzyl alcohol).

But only to realize that behenyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol are either used as an emollient and/or thickener. My bad!! <grin>

But benzyl alcohol (an irritating ingredient) on the other hand if it’s used in a high concentration, can cause problem for skin. It is known to increase free radicals, dry up the skin and cause skin irritation.

Pitera, the key ingredient for all SK-II products, can be found in SK-II Wrinkle Specialist that is claimed to be rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, organic acids and other natural ingredients beneficial to the skin.

SK-II Wrinkle Specialist also contains beneficial ingredients such as Vitamin B3, Carnosine and Tocopheryl Acetate.



Well, my first impression on SK-II Wrinkle Specialist is “Alright, since Kiehl’s, RoC, Boots, Tri-Aktiline and Babor have already created wrinkle fillers, so now you SK-II also wants a slice of the pie too? This is so predictable!”

SK-II Wrinkle Specialist is claimed to reduce the appearances of wrinkles by softening the skin and the wrinkles will begin to disappear after just 14 days! Begin to disappear in 14 days? Another by-default wrinkle claim again!

Due to my busy schedule, I have actually missed the 14-day test trial period to examine if the wrinkles do disappear as what it has claimed. And now, after tested this product for almost two months, I could actually see some slight significant results.

This lightweight emollient texture absorbs into the skin easily without feeling greasy on skin.

Each night, I will apply a generous amount of Wrinkle Specialist on the wear-and-tear lines on my nasolabial folds using tapping motion. And occasionally I will also apply a tiny amount near on my crows feet and below eye areas too. To my surprise, this product can actually be applied on my eye areas without any irritation at all. ;-)

So far, there is no improvement on the crows feet and below eye areas but I can actually see significant improvement on the nasolabial folds instead. The wear and tear lines on the nasolabial folds are significantly reduced and it is extremely obvious on the left side.

Actually, I’m also concurrently using another amazing product – Paula’s Choice Resist Daily Smoothing Treatment (with 5% AHA) while using this Wrinkle Specialist too. And I’m not surprised the significant reduction of the fine lines on my nasolabial folds may be due to this Paula’s Choice AHA Treatment instead of the SK-II Wrinkle Specialist. Anyway I will be reviewing the Paula’s Choice product pretty soon, do stay tuned!

All-in-all, I’m actually quite pleased with this wrinkle fighter SK-II Wrinkle Specialist, most of all it doesn’t cause any irritation to my sensitive skin.

You can now purchase SKII Wrinkle Specialist, retailing at S$180, at all SK-II counters @ department stores.



Will I buy it again? Maybe


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