Review – Sisley All Day All Year

Sisley All Day All Year, Essential Day Care, is one product I have trusted and regretted so much on using it. Before I start trashing out all the untruth and damage it has caused, let me provide you the product profile on this ‘unique’ day cream.

Product claim

Sisley All Day All Year, the only product available using a patented method of encapsulating UVA &UVB suncare. Unlike other sunscreens, irrespective of the SPF factor, are only effective for 2 hours before they need to be reapplied, All Day All Year, as claimed, is capable of blocking 90% of UVA and UVB rays for 8 continuous hours.

Skin will therefore be protected from environment aggressors, stress, harmful UVA and UVB rays which are the number one cause for aging. Skin will be hydrated, soft and velvety. Skin will regain a smooth and supple appearance and your complexion is more radiant.


I was in great shock when I realized there is hardly any UV protection and is not recommended for use even one day out of the year. Without sunscreen, this emollient moisturizer for dry skin is a poor choice for daytime, the cost is outrageous, and it contains irritating oils of juniper, sage, and thyme. <Sources : Paula Begoun – Don’t go to the cosmetics counter without me>


Lightweight and non-oily, is suitable for all skin types.


Due to inadequate sun protection, new dark spots have appeared and old spots has becoming more visible.


Will I buy it again? …… Not again!


Sisley – available at Takashimaya, Metro Paragon and Robinsons

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