Review – Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum, No7 Lift & Luminate Eye Cream & No7 Lift & Luminate Day Cream SPF 15


Many months ago, I was supposed to review three BOOTS products which I have received from (managed by Boots Retail Thailand). And also to throw a giveaway on Boots products at the same time. So why am I taking so long to post this review? Well it is because Boots and I couldn’t agree on the giveaway mechanic and eventually I decided to post the review minus the giveaway.

At first, Boots Asia suggested that in order for the readers to participate for the giveaway, each of them will need to submit a photo of themselves with their favourite Boots product that work. The most creative picture wins. And Boots Asia has claimed that this is actually a simple mechanic. Well simple to them but not for my readers though! I was extremely turned off by the suggested mechanic as that will mean my readers will need to purchase a Boots product before they can participate on the giveaway. Why should my readers part their money just for the giveaway? And my email box will also be flooded with readers’ submission too. It’s too troublesome for me and my readers especially! It just doesn’t make any sense at all! What a stupid idea!

They later tweaked it a little by suggesting having my readers to capture a screenshot of a Boots product that they would like to try out and why. Well so what’s the different, this mechanic is as bad as the first!

Anyway, the three products that I will be reviewing are No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum, No7 Lift & Luminate Eye Cream and No7 Lift & Luminate Day Cream SPF 15.

But firstly, are you familiar with this UK brand BOOTS? If you’re not, click here for a brief description of the brand.


My Impression With BOOTS Products

I’ve noticed that one of the products I’ve received, it actually looks different from the ones found at UK website.


No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Beauty Serum

Product Profile

Reveal younger looking skin with No7 Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum. This powerful blend of protecting and renewing ingredients helps reduce the appearance of pores, smoothing lines and wrinkles in 4 weeks.


Although this silicone-based fragrance-free serum contains sodium ascorbyl phosphate (one of the less potent Vitamin C), retinyl palmitate (is Vitamin A but not retinol as claimed) and other antioxidants such as Vitamin E but unfortunately I couldn’t see any result at all.

The packaging from BOOTS Asia actually looks different from the ones at BOOTS UK.

This fragrance-free anti-wrinkle serum is claimed to be suitable for all skin type and, has a light and non-greasy silky texture that is easily absorbed onto the skin.

All Boots products sold in Thailand come in Thai words on the packaging.

After using it for two weeks, I couldn’t see much significant result other than probably a very superficial improvement on pore sizes. No result on fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone anyway. Quite disappointing though, I have since stop using it.


No7 Lift & Luminate Eye Cream

Product Profile

No7 Lift & Luminate Eye Cream gently absorbs into the contours of your eyes, sinking softly into those little lines and wrinkles and smoothing them out.  After four weeks, you’ll notice the skin around your eyes is tighter and brighter, more toned and radiant looking.


This anti-wrinkle eye cream contains a combination of peptides that are claimed to firm skin around the eyes, improve dark circles and puffiness. But so far there is no result at all.

I like the lightweight white creamy texture. It doesn’t feel greasy and it’s easily absorbed onto the skin.

Very often, I tend to get this tingling sensation after applying it on the crows feet areas. As our eyes are so delicate, I actually do not feel comfortable at all. I reckon it may contain some sort of ingredients that are either too strong or not ideal for the eye areas. All-in-all, it is generally a so-so eye cream that can be used on the whole face too. Afraid of getting irritation on the delicate eye areas, I have also since stop using it too.


No7 Lift & Luminate Day Cream SPF 15

Product Profile

No7 Lift & Luminate Day Cream is specially formulated to visibly improve the appearance of wrinkles and to give you an instant boost of radiance. Our unique anti-ageing and advanced energising complexes work together to lift, firm and restore your complexion, leaving it looking and feeling glowing. Use No7 Lift & Luminate Day Cream every day to help reduce the signs of ageing; in just four weeks, your skin will be more even toned, younger looking and more luminous.


This No7 Lift & Luminate Day Cream is claimed to help visibly improve the appearance of wrinkles and give you an instant boost of radiance. Well basically, I feel that this day cream is after all just an ordinary day moisturizer that helps to hydrate my skin and provide sun protection with SPF 15.

I don’t expect this moisturizer to lift, firm and restore my complexion as what it has claimed. I will be asking too much from a cream if I do.

The light texture is just perfect for day use. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy. What I’m not comfortable about this product is that it leaves a superficial white cast on my skin. It is due to the sunscreen ingredients in it. If I happen to apply to much, I will look ghostly though.

I usually do not wear any foundation during working day and I prefer to have a natural look with little dust of loose powder, rosy blush and lip color. But whenever I use No7 Lift & Luminate Day Cream, I will tend to get this patchy finish especially if the blending is not done properly. The white cast seems to be obvious even after loose powder is dusted over.

After two weeks of usage, although there is no significantly improvement on my uneven skin tone and wrinkles yet, so far my skin does feel hydrate and smooth. Thankfully I have never encountered any skin irritation at all so I reckon it is suitable for sensitive skin too. So if you are looking for a product with good skin hydration and sun protection, you may want to give this product a try.


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