Guest Blogger Dr. Irwin Talks About Clarisonic Cleansing System


We talk a lot about good skincare, but there are also important complimentary products which can help enhance overall results. You may have heard of one of these, called the Clarisonic Cleansing System.

The Clarisonic is a facial sonic cleansing brush that exfoliates, stimulates circulation, and deep cleans pores. It may help your skincare products penetrate and work more effectively. If you have ever heard of the sonic toothbrush, then this is the same technology, just designed for skin instead of teeth.

Regular cleansing can often leave behind dirt and oil, and this build up can make your skin appear dull and hinder the absorption of skincare products. The Clarisonic company claims their system removes 6x more makeup and 2x more dirt and oil than regular cleansing with your hands alone. The exact improvement is debatable but I do know many of my patients like the way the Clarisonic makes their skin feel cleaner and smoother.

The manufacturer just came out with a new mini/travel version called the Mia which retails for about US$119.00. It will be nice for travel and be more affordable, especially for our younger patients. The system is sold online, in many dermatology offices and select retail stores. Although the US$195.00 cost for the full size unit may seem expensive, the product should last for years. The heads are refillable when they wear out.

As with everything I recommend, I do not receive any financial endorsement from Clarisonic or the company behind it, and the above is my professional opinion.

Buy the Clarisonic full size system here or the Mia travel size here

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Dr. Irwin


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