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Reader’s Question

What to do about chest wrinkles?? I have them and don’t want them!


Dr. Irwin’s Answer

Chest wrinkles are a common problem for many women. We often forget to take care of this part of our body in our younger years and it ends up wrinkling before our face. Treatment for chest wrinkles varies on the depth of the wrinkles. The older you are the deeper the wrinkles usually, and the depth determines the options to some extent. Furthermore, the location of the chest wrinkles (between the breasts or out towards the shoulders) determines which treatments are best.

First, unfortunately products (creams) do very little for this area, but try the Vivite Vibrance Decollete Therapy product. It’s the most effective one I’ve seen so far. You should also sunscreen or double sunscreen this area every day, unless it’s covered by clothing, to prevent future sun damage and wrinkles.

Secondly, is your chest sun damaged? Do you have a lot of brown spots and a leathery look that also needs to be addressed with lasers? The Fraxel Dual is particularly nice for chest with lots of pigment.

Thirdly, are these partly sleep lines from your sleeping position at night? If so, try to change your sleep positions – not always easy!! Maybe you need a new mattress?

And fourthly, some combination of lasers will almost always be needed to correct damaged skin (removes wrinkles and red or brown sun spots) and help you achieve smoother, younger looking skin. For some, injectable treatments will be needed to add some volume back as well.

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