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Reader’s Question

I’ve got uneven skin tone. The skin of my neck, butt, knees, elbows are way darker than my original olive tone. One aesthetician told me use an 15-20% glycolic acid lotion but since I can’t buy online I need a product from drug store. Which drug store product is good? What’s your advice for my problem?


Dr. Irwin’s Answer

Often, in a situation like this, it’s good to start with the more gentle version of the product and see how that works first. These are not prescription items. You could try the glycolic lotion 10% but you will need to use it for 8 weeks to see if it helps. If you get irritated with it, stop like product like it states on the label. If you’re not better then, you need to see a dermatologist. Higher strength glycolics can be irritating  and may make pigment problems worse. See more about color and texture issues

Dr. Irwin

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