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Reader’s Question

Hi Dr.Brandith,
My name is Katrin, I’m 26 years old and for the past years I have suffered a lot of ance, I been to many dermatologists, the first dermatologist sent me Accutane I have it for two years, after 3 months to take Accutane my skin was God and I had nothing of acne. my Dr. told me that after the two years of drinking accutane I would never suffer again with acne, I went back to another doctor and they send me again Accutane, but I do not want to take this medicine because it is bad, I’m writing to you because I need help and some advice , what you can recommend me??


Dr. Irwin’s Answer

Dear Katrin.
I’m so sorry but your problem is way too complicated for an email response. You clearly have suffered quite a bit with this and seen several dermatologists. I would highly recommend the Mayo Clinic in either Arizona or Minnesota. They both have excellent dermatology departments. An academic center (at a University) would be better in your situation. Look for the University nearest to you and make an appointment with the Dermatology department. Or see my list of the best derms in the US:

Dr. Irwin

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