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- Can Tumeric Powder Remove Hair?


Reader’s Question

I m 19 year girl my docter advised me to use acnestar soap to reduce pimples after using that i had small dark hairs in my upper lip my family advised me to rub it off wlth turmeric power the hair is gone but i notice dark stains like moustache naked What shall i do to get rid off it


Dr. Irwin’s Answer

Wow – that’s one I’ve never heard – about rubbing tumeric powder on the skin to remove hair. I love tumeric to cook with but I really wouldn’t advise rubbing it on your skin because it will stain it. That sounds like exactly what happened. Basically it should come off within a couple of weeks as it’s just the cells of the outer dead layer (stratum corneum) that are stained. Please do NOT over scrub this trying to get it off. It will cause irritation which could cause more pigment to develop. Just very gently use a wash cloth on it every 2-3 days and it should gradually lighten. If it doesn’t, see a dermatologist please.

Dr. Irwin

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