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I’ve been suffering from severe acne for the past 13 years! I’ve tried everything from Diane-35 birth control pills to Accutane. Nothing helps, the Accutane did helped when i was on it. But once i stop, my acne came back as well. Not as severe as before but my skin is not totally healed. Because of the severe ance i had in the past & now, i have severe pitted holes scares all over my entire face. I undergo laser – C02 Fractional Laser which most Dermatologist advised me to do to help smoothen my scars. I’ve already done it 8 times but i see no improvement. And now I’m starting to doubt if this laser even works. The scars are still deep & ugly. I am at the end of the knot, i don’t know what to do anymore. The acne, the scars is just tearing myself esteem down. Pls advise. Thank you


Dr. Irwin’s Answer

My heart goes out to you. It sounds like you’ve been through a lot and the problem still isn’t solved. I’m not sure why all the different treatments you’ve done aren’t helping. This is one of those situations where I think you really need a second and perhaps even a third opinion because your situation is so complicated. Look at the site to find a board certified dermatologist in your area, or see my list of recommended dermatologists in every major city:

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