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I heard you on Paula’s radio blog and would love you to direct me to a skilled derm in Denver for fillers and even an excellent plastic surgeon for a possible future mini-lift.  i would really appreciate some direction.



Dr. Irwin’s Answer

I highly recommend dermatologist Dr Joel Cohen, who has an office just outside of Denver in Englewood. His website is or call 303-756-7546. Dr Cohen is very renowned for his work with fillers — teaches his techniques to other physicians around the world. He will also be able to direct you to a facial plastic surgeon in the future. Good luck!

Dr. Irwin

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2 Comments on "Beauty Questions? Ask Dr. Irwin
- Dermatologist In Denver"

  1. Jo says:


    Would like to know whether u have any recommendation for good skin doc? I have very bad scarred skin and acne prone and would like to solve it. In my thirties. Thanks

  2. Shirleen says:

    Hi Jo,

    You may wanna check out Niks Professional. There are a few doctors but I prefer the founder (can’t remember her name). She’s good at treating acne prone skin.

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