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- Enlarged Pores On Legs


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I have large pores on my legs. I wax my legs and use a soothing gel – aloe vera afterwards. I have even tried using an epilator. But the pores dont seem to go. They are brown spots where the hair grows and are rough to touch. Pls suggest a treatment. Will getting a laser treatment for legs help?



Dr. Irwin’s Answer

Hi Lavee. Do you have these rough pores on the backs of your arms or other places too? You may have a very common (usually inherited) problem called keratosis pilaris (KP). In this condition, the pores collect dead skin cells which creates a plug which then irritates the pores and causes first redness around the pore and then brown spots. You may need a dermatologist to help you with this but you can first try the drugstore products Amlactin or Carmol. Use them at least for 1-2 months unless you are irritated by them. If you get irritated, stop them. It doesn’t help to over exfoliate this. Once a week gently is plenty. If you exfoliate too much, you will cause more irritation. See a dermatologist if that doesn’t work!

Dr. Irwin

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