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I have redness on my face. Isn’t my skin considers sensitive skin type? Although, my skin is quite tight (as it is dehydrated )and dry after cleansing and without applying moisturizer but I also have enlarged pores, it will produce oil in the afternoon. Shall I use all oil-free products? Or should I use product mainly for sensitive skin or combination skin? It is advisable to take collagen and Hyaluronic acid liquid supplement to improve my skin dehydration?

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Dr. Irwin’s Answer

I’m wondering if you’ve seen a Dermatologist to make sure you don’t have rosacea which can cause redness and dilated pores? Also, it’s possible that you’ve become allergic to one of the ingredients common to skin care products. That type of allergy or irritation can cause skin to be red and dry. I think a visit to your skin doctor could save you some time and money (by not investing in products that aren’t right for you). You may need a prescription if you have rosacea. In the meantime, while you’re waiting, I would vote for a very gentle cleanser like the Cetaphil liquid cleanser and a light moisturizer (maybe the Cetaphil Lotion) but there are lots of good ones. I have no financial ties to Cetaphil! Hold off on expensive skin care products for right now until you’ve been evaluated. And here is more info to read up on rosacea:

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