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Reader’s Question

Hi Dr Irwin,

I have real bad eye bags problem. It makes me look tired and old. I know surgery is an option but its too painful. Any eye products u think helps?



Dr. Irwin’s Answer

That under eye area is a tough one for many women. I wish products made more of difference here but unless you’re allergic to or irritated by the one you’re using (always a possibility), they just don’t help that much. Here are some non surgical things to consider though. If you are allergy or hayfever  prone at all, get a dust mite cover for your mattress and for your pillows. Dust mites love to live in bedding, padded furniture, carpet and drapes – so consider those too. Don’t eat too much salt because it causes puffy eyes and a host of other bad things! Drink plenty of water. This will help flush excess salt out and remember that cheap carbs (anything with white flour and sugar) also cause water retention. A good eye cream may help some so here is a link to some good ones if you want to try something different: If this doesn’t do it, consider a fractionated CO2 laser eye lift :

Dr. Irwin

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