Welcome to WomenLoveBeauty Blog! My name is Shirleen.

I’m just a simple, asian working woman who are extremely passionate about the skincare world especially the myths and hype of the skincare industry.

I always believe that no matter what I write, whether is for product review, blog or skincare article, I will honestly share the correct information as much as possible.

All my beauty reviews are based on my own personal experiences with a product or treatment. 

My main purpose is to share the truth about anything regarding skincare, beauty, treatments and so on. To let all the women out there know if a product doesn’t work on you, it’s not your fault.

Rest assured you’ll only ever get my truest opinion on everything that’s featured in a review here.

If you have comments, opinions or views:

You’re always welcome to use my comment box to post about anything you’re thinking or feeling about a product or article. All comments are carefully moderated and each one is answered by me personally. If your comment doesn’t appear right away, rest assured I will get to it and reply as soon as possible.

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Who’s reading WomenLoveBeauty Blog?

She’s a beauty conscious woman aged between 23-48, who

  • enjoys experimenting with new ‘promising’ skincare products.
  • loves going for non-invasive treatments to upkeep her youthful appearance.
  • at times confuses on which skincare product or brand to buy for her skincare needs.
  • often purchases the wrong skincare products that just don’t work.
  • regrets buying that wrong skincare product and never use again.
  • desperately searching ways to reverse signs of aging.
  • wants to achieve a glowing, radiance and firmer skin.

On a side note, I’d like to mention that i do occasionally make grammatical errors, typos, or have a spelling hiccup here or there. I do apology for my errors but they will crop up from time to time. Please excuse them when they do prop up and kindly do not take to correcting me in the comment field about what I am or am not spelling correctly.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you come back soon.

I can be reached at shirleen@womenlovebeauty.com. I’ll get back to you right away.