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[Sharing] Shiseido Launched New TSUBAKI 2013 – With New Formulation & Packaging


TSUBAKI, launched in 2006, has been leading the hair care market in Japan with a record total number of shipments of over 270 million units.

Shiseido TSUBAKI 2013

In 2013, Shiseido introduced the latest TSUBAKI 2013 that is enriched with new formulation and comes with a new packaging.

To get shiny and lustrous hair, Shiseido studied on the amount of melanin found in the black hair of Japanese women and realized that black hair contain more melanin than other shades. The new findings have shown that exposure to UV or heat causes hair damage and most importantly the loss of melanin within the hair fiber. This results the loss of melanin holes that leads to lost of shine and luster.

The new TSUBAKI 2013 is now enriched with Arginine, melanin hole repair ingredient, an essential natural amino acid that can be found in nuts, soybeans, brown rice, raisins and milk. Hair coated with melanin hole repair ingredient reflects light evenly from the inner fiber of hair. Arginine completely repairs melanin holes to allow light rays to penetrate the hair shaft and to be reflected beautifully, resulting in a lustrous, dullness-free shine. It is also said to help maintain a deep luster with saturated color and contrasting shine.

The new TSUBAKI is also formulated with Camellia oil to repair the cuticle. This new key ingredient smoothes and softens the hair fiber which allows beautiful light reflection with shininess. The new TSUBAKI also contains a UV protective ingredient to cut daily UV radiation, which causes hair melanin and protein to be lost and protect hair from UV damage.

Shiseido TSUBAKI 2013

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Elizabeth Arden NEW IMPROVED Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum


Do you know other than collagen, ceramides are also essential nutrition to skin cells that result in beautiful, healthy skin? Loss of skin’s natural ceramides in the barrier layer can lead to a loss of moisture, roughness, fine lines and wrinkles and also allow outside irritants to get into the skin. That is why people with weaker skin barrier usually have sensitive skin.

Why ceramides are important?

In 1990, Elizabeth Arden researches have made an important discovery that the natural production of ceramides, collagen, elastin and essential nutrients like calcium all contribute to skin’s healthy look, but can be compromised by age and environmental aggression.

Ceramides are essential lipids found naturally in the top layer of our skin that help retain moisture. Ceramides, which comprise 50% of essential lipids found in the skin’s barrier layer, are critical because they help maintain the integrity of skin’s first line of defense against aging signs. This research led Elizabeth Arden to develop bio-engineered, skin identical Ceramides, to create pure, potent single dose capsules to deliver these precious and protective elements to skin.

In 2013, Elizabeth Arden has improved, reformulated and renovated the iconic Ceramides capsules containing youth-restoring lipids to further help replenish youth factors that skin naturally lost over time. Elizabeth Arden‘s exclusive Ceramide technology uses skin identical lipids that helps skin to restore and maintain its healthful, radiant, and youthful appearance.


NEW IMPROVED Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum – S$139 for 60 capsules

Today, Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum is the world’s leading capsule technology and the centrepiece of the Ceramide Youth Restoring skincare line.

elizabeth arden ceramide capsules daily youth restoring serum

Each iconic golden capsules are airtight and sealed for effectiveness, eliminating the need for preservatives and emulsifiers. Each single dose capsule delivers a concentrated application of skin-essential ceramide benefits in the most efficient way.

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Giveaway Result – Kiehl’s Summer Look Fresh Travel Kit (worth $63)


Thanks to all readers who have participated in the Kiehl’s Summer Giveaway Contest! 1 lucky reader has been randomly picked and she will win a Kiehl’s Summer Look Fresh Travel Kit worth $63!

Kiehl's Summer Look Fresh Travel Pack

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Review – ROC Soft Smoothing Scrub


A few months ago, I have received a complimentary ROC Soft Smoothing Scrub. I didn’t get to review it much earlier as I was still using a facial scrub from other brand at the time.

ROC, a French anti-aging skincare expert, is one of first skincare companies that offers stabilized Retinol formulated skincare products at the drugstore. Retinol, the non-prescription and mildest form of Vitamin A, is proven to treat wrinkles and fine lines effectively.

Exfoliation is an important part of my skincare regimen. Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells on the surface, improve skin texture and appearances of fine lines and wrinkles. When dead skin cells are removed, it creates a barrier for the skin to absorb the nutrients from the following skincare products.

As we age, the cell regeneration process slows down, causing excess dead skin cells to pile on the skin resulting to a dry, rough and dull-looking skin. Accumulated dead skin cells can cause clogged pores and blemishes too. And one of the best remedies is to exfoliate the skin regularly.


Product Claim

Deep but gentle facial cleansing: exfoliates, smoothes and cleanses the skin in one application.

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Protect Your Skin From Premature Aging With Skinceuticals Skincare


Have you heard of this skincare brand named SkinCeuticals? Well, if you are always on the lookout for well-formulated antioxidant serums, you probably will be familiar with SkinCeuticals.

SkinCeuticals is a professional skincare brand that is only available at selected spa, aesthetics and hospitals. It has a well-deserved reputation for producing serious-minded, research-driven products such as their well-formulated antioxidant treatments with key ingredients including L-ascorbic Acid, a-Tocopherol, Ferulic Acid and Phloretin. SkinCeuticals is one of the first companies to partner with physicians to offer skincare products in their offices.

SkinCeuticals is founded by Dr. Sheldon Pinnell in 1994. Founding scientist Dr. Sheldon Pinnell is the Chief of Dermatology of Duke University who has 38 years of skin cancer and skin disease research.

A couple of weeks ago, I was delighted to have a very private get-together session with the Product Manager of SkinCeuticals to preview a range of SkinCeuticals products and to learn some useful beauty tips to prevent premature aging. I’m always very interested in SkinCeuticals as it offers some of the best L-ascorbic acid and retinol products.

skinceuticals phloretin CF gel

The first two products I was being introduced are Phloretin CF Gel and Phloretin CF. Both serums have the same formulation but only in different consistency.

skinceuticals phloretin CF

Phloretin CF (priced at S$268), a broad-action antioxidant treatment, is formulated with 2% Phloretin, 10% L-ascorbic acid and 0.5% Ferulic acid.

Benefits :

  • Prevents premature signs of aging
  • Corrects existing photodamage, particularly age spots and laxity
  • Boosts skin’s natural defenses against DNA damage
  • Helps stimulate collagen synthesis
  • Accelerates cell turnover

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Benefit Cosmetics World Famous Neutrals Eyeshadow Kits, Stay Don’t Stray & Fine One One


Recently, I’ve blogged about the new Benefit Bronze Of Champions, Do The Bright Thing & Primping With The Stars Makeup Kits. And now I’m going to blog about the other new Benefit products which I didn’t get to share in the earlier post. Click here to read the preview post.


3 NEW World Famous Neutrals Eyeshadow Kits – S$47

Benefit World Famous Neutrals Eyeshadow Kit

World Famous Neutrals Eyeshadow Kit, available in 3 variations, is designed to create 3 most desirable nude looks ever – Most Glamorous, Most Easiest and Most Sexiest.

World Famous Neutrals, a six-eyeshadow palette, comprises of four Longwear Powder Shadows and two Creaseless Cream Shadows.

benefit makeup kit

Each kit comes with an instructional ‘Tips and Tricks” mini booklet, including a mirror, that gives tips on applying these products and achieving a perfect finish. With Tips and Tricks, you can now create looks for daytime and playtime with these universally flattering shades.

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Giveaway – Control Shine With Kiehl’s Summer Look Fresh Travel Kit (worth $63)


A few weeks ago, I’ve received a surprise parcel from Kiehl’s Singapore and it contains the Kiehl’s Summer Look Fresh Travel Kit. What a perfect kit to beat the heat and to prepare for the hot weather.

Wow! Time really flies! It’s June now and hot Summer has arrived! When the weather gets hot and humid, it does more than just make you sticky and sweaty. Your face becomes oilier and pores appear larger.

Kiehl's Summer Look Fresh Travel Pack

Kiehl's Summer Look Fresh Travel Pack

Kiehl’s Summer Look Fresh Travel Kit contains (clockwise from top left) :
Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream SPF 50 PA+++ (3ml)
Ultra Light Daily UV Defense SPF 50 PA+++ UVA (5ml)
Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream (7ml)
Deluxe Hand & Body Lotion with Aloe Vera & Oatmeal “Grapefruit” (65ml)
Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner (40ml)
Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser (30ml)
Amino Acid Shampoo with Pure Coconut Oil (5ml x 2)
Amino Acid Conditioner with Pure Coconut and Jojoba Oils (5ml x 2).

This Summer Look Fresh Travel Kit, worth S$63, contains the essential products to beat the heat and control shine for a long-lasting clear, fresh-looking skin. In conjunction with Kiehl’s Singapore, one lucky reader will be receiving a Summer Look Fresh Travel Kit. Do continue reading to find out more about the giveaway contest!

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[Sharing] La Mer Celebrated World Oceans Day 2013


Born from a passion for the sea, La Mer is proud to support ocean conversation efforts worldwide and raise awareness of the beauty and restorative power of the sea.

Since 2005, the brand has worked with Oceana to promote ocean protection and restoration in recognition of La Mer’s founder, Dr. Max Huber. This year, La Mer is proud to continue its partnership with Oceana and has further expanded its partnership with another leading habitat protection organization, National Geographic Society, to preserve the ocean’s resources for future generations. To date, La Mer has made donation totalling over $1 million to support habitat preservation efforts.

To honor and celebrate this special occasion, La Mer has created a sought-after, limited-edition World Oceans’s Day 100ml Créme de la Mer.

This limited edition Moisturizing Cream in 100ml is retailing at S$680. It is exclusively available at TANGS Orchard Tel: 67337269, SEVIIN at TANGS Tel: 67356762, Takashimaya Tel: 67374107 and Robinsons The Centrepoint Tel: 68873256.


Shu Uemura Introduced New GLOSS UNLIMITED With 24 New Shades In 3 Textures


shu uemura gloss unlimited

In May 2013, Shu Uemura has introduced NEW Gloss Unlimited! Fresh, playful colors in a range of 24 exclusive shades to accompany you on any adventure!

For this NEW Gloss Unlimited, Shu Uemura engineers a breakthrough shape memorizing technology that gives an enduring mirror shine to lips. The new formula delivers perfect shine that stays on lips longer, even when lips are on the move.

shu uemura gloss unlimited

shu uemura gloss unlimited

In addition, Gloss Unlimited smoothens lip surface and enwraps lips with moisture and is now available in 24 new shades in 3 textures, including 6 professional modulator colors that can be used on top or below your regular lip stick or lip gloss to add different nuances to your everyday make up.

In one glossy stroke, professionals and beauty fans alike can push lip statements to the limit masterminding artistic high shine canvases of color.

shu uemura gloss unlimited

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DHC Japan Rebranding Media Event At Cookyn Inc


DHC skincare

DHC medicated pack mask

Watsons Singapore has recently held an interesting DHC Rebranding Media Event to introduce a refreshed brand direction with the launch of three new ranges: DHC Kakonjuka Skincare Series (anti-aging), DHC Collagen Powder (oral beauty supplement) and DHC Cleanecea (acne supplement).

DHC, with a legacy of 33 years in Japan, is the No.1 direct-to-consumer provider of beauty products, including skincare, body care, makeup and beauty health supplements. DHC is exclusively available at selected Watsons stores in Singapore.

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