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MAKE UP FOR EVER Launching Its Seductive 2012 FALL BLACK TANGO Collection


After a recent launch of the NEW Waterproof Makeup AQUA SHADOW in June 2012, MAKE UP FOR EVER – a make up brand for professionals, created by professionals – will be launching their seductive Fall 2012 makeup collection on 2 August 2012.

Introducing 2012 FALL BLACK TANGO Collection!

The new 2012 FALL BLACK TANGO Collection, showcasing confidence and sophisticated femininity. Artistic elegance, colors that draw their tones from black lace and the Latin spirit of seduction are in the spotlight.

BLACK TANGO Collection was inspired by the Tango dancers and with Dany’s South American roots who used to dance the tango herself, she took the inspiration from their needs and has created easy-to-use and incredibly long-lasting products that are perfectly tailored to these extreme conditions.

“For this collection, I wanted to transport us into the hushed atmosphere of the Milonga room. Black Tango is an invitation to seduction and the world of dance. Behind the delicate lace of a fan, the deep gaze of a woman bewitches a mysterious partner. The two words driving my creativity when creating the products were incredible hold and emotion… for a passionate night of tango.” – DANY SANZ, Creator & Artistic Director of MAKE UP FOR EVER (lady with red hair)

2012 FALL BLACK TANGO Collection comprises of a Limited Edition AQUA CREAM Palette, three matching nail polishes (not figure above) and a lipstick with an incredible, glamorous shine.

I was glad to be one of the first to preview this hot collection at MAKE UP FOR EVER office recently.

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Review – AFC Green Beauty, A Beauty Supplement With Detoxifying Benefits


Japanese women are known for their beautiful and youthful-looking skin. And regular consumption of beauty supplements is one of their beauty secrets for radiance skin. As they believe that beautiful skin actually starts from the inside out.

Many weeks back in May, I was invited to review a beauty supplement named “Green Beauty” from AFC Japan.

Green Beauty contains small molecular, readily absorbable blend of micronized Organic Greens with Micro-Collagen Peptides, that help cleanse the body while replenishing it with essential nutrients for renewed body and glowing skin.

Are you having a dull-looking skin? If yes, it may be due to various factors such as stress, imbalanced diet, constipation or sedentary lifestyle. These unhealthy lifestyle and diet can cause acidic body pH and accumulated body toxins.

Therefore a proper detox program such as Green Beauty may help cleanse, detoxify the body and turn the acidic body pH to a more alkalize body pH. Green Beauty, with antioxidant properties, is also claimed to help stimulates collagen production, promotes skin firmness, clarity and radiance; and improves cellular repair and renewal.

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Review – Lanc´me Absolue L’Extrait Ultimate Skin Regeneration Treatment


I don’t usually go to the spa and rarely get facials, I’m quite selective if I do. Recently, I was invited by Lanc´me Singapore to experience one of their latest Lanc´me Absolue L’Extrait Ultimate Skin Regeneration Treatment which was recently launched last month in June 2012.

I accepted the invitation without much hesitation as this new treatment will be featuring the outstanding elixir, Lanc´me Absolue L’Extrait (launched in May 2012, retailing at S$650), together with the caressing strokes of alternating hot and cold sensations provided by the exclusive Absolue L’Extrait massage petals that help reactivate skin micro-circulation, diminish facial tension and tone skin.

Lanc´me Absolue L’Extrait Ultimate Skin Regeneration Treatment lasts about 90 minutes and is priced at S$380 and I’ve done my treatment at the new cosy Lanc´me Beauty Institute at Marina Bay Sands. The other Lanc´me Beauty Institute is located at Goodwood Park Hotel Service Apartment. Read below for full contact details.

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Indulge In Delicious Ultra Plush Glosses From Benefit Cosmetics


Hey to all Benefit Cosmetics lovers, there’s something new from Benefit for you! After a recent launch of the new Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW! SPF 25 PA+++ New Liquid Foundation in April 2012, Benefit Cosmetics once again is proud to introduce a new range of lip product this July.

Say hi to Ultra Plush Glosses that comes in 6 irresistible shades from sultry nudes to punchy pinks!

Ultra Plush Glosses that complement their bestselling box o’powders feel ahhh-mazingly silky and luxurious.

Ultra Plush Glosses, retailing at S$26, will be available at all Benefit Cosmetics counters from July 2012 onwards.

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Watsons Introduced New DHC Moisture Fruit Skincare Range


DHC, Japan’s #1 direct mail skincare brand, has recently launched the newest DHC Moisture Fruit Skincare Range that is only exclusively available at Watsons Singapore.

Launched in mid January 2012, these latest additions use natural fruit extracts that is claimed to have superb moisturizing qualities for soft and supple skin. DHC Moisture Fruit Skincare Range, retailing from S$19.90 to S$23.90, consists of Moisture Fruit Foaming Wash, Moisture Fruit Lotion and Moisture Fruit Gel Cream.

The range is packed in lovely shimmery pearl and baby pink bottles that also feature fruit illustrations.

DHC Moisture Fruit Skincare Range is specially developed for those who are looking for a fresh and hydrated skin. Enriched with natural essential oils extracted from pressed Grapefruit Peel which has a superior hydrating effect for a baby-soft radiant appearance. It is also formulated with fruit extracts of Kiwi, Apple, Peach, Grapefruit and Raspberry that are claimed to provide long-lasting moisture and offer the perfect balance in ensuring smooth and radiant skin.

This fruity skincare range is free from parabens, synthetic fragrances and artificial colorings.

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SK-II MEN Is Now Available In Singapore!


The highly-anticipated and long-awaited SK-II first men’s prestige skincare range – SK-II MEN – has finally arrived in town! A few Fridays ago, I was privileged to be invited to attend the first launch of SK-II MEN in Singapore held at Avalon MBS.

The arrival of SK-II MEN in Singapore definitely makes many men happy here! SK-II has finally launched the iconic Facial Treatment Essence specially designed for men, the secret to a vibrant clear skin in just 14 days!

SK-II MEN – SK-II first men’s prestige skincare range, comprises of SK-II MEN Facial Treatment Essence, SK-II MEN Moisturizing Cleanser and SK-II MEN Age Revitalize Moisturizer.

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“Sugar Free” Lip Gloss Collection By Mavala Switzerland


Many weeks ago, I’ve received a surprise parcel all the way from Switzerland and in it was the “Sugar Free” Lip Gloss Collection By Mavala Switzerland. I was extremely excited upon first glance on the products.

This delicious and fruity collection comes in 5 new lovely mellow shades to suit different moods, occasions and outfits each day.

Mavala Lip Gloss is retailing at S$19.90 each and it is available at BHG Century Square, Metro Woodlands, Tara apothecary, Pink Beauty and leading perfumeries.

The “Sugar Free” Lip Gloss Collection has been created to match the MINI Nail Polish Collection, “Delicious Color’s”, for a tasty mix.

Mavala Lip Gloss, with 30 shades, has a rich, ultra-shiny yet non-sticky texture.


Feels like a delicious red coulis with this Strawberry 960.26 shade. Mavala Lip Gloss provides an ultra-shiny lip with thousands of reflections from particles of mother-of-pearl.


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Kiehl’s Re-Introduced Midnight Recovery Concentrate & Midnight Recovery Eye


Kiehl’s Singapore has recently hosted a cozy private event to re-introduce 2 potent botanical elixirs – Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Midnight Recovery Eye. The dress code of the day was nightwear. :-)

In the day, skin’s function is to protect itself against internal and external aggressors. It is assaulted by stresses from the harsh environment, including air pollution and the harmful UV rays that cause premature aging. At night while you sleep, the skin turns into a rejuvenation and recovery mode. It uses body’s natural sleep cycle to repair, regenerate and replenish what is has lost as a result of daily stresses.


Midnight Recovery Concentrate – S$90 / 30ml

Knowing the importance of healing process at night, Kiehl’s chemists specially formulated Midnight Recovery Concentrate in July 2010 to biologically replicate skin’s natural lipids for optimal skin repair during the night. This elixir, formulated with active botanical and essential oils, is 99% naturally-derived and paraben-free.

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Clarins Launches NEW Total Cleansing Oil


Cleansing is my first and one of the most important steps in skin care regimen. Do you know when skin is not thoroughly cleansed properly, lines and dullness around the eyes or mouth will start to surface? And unremoved makeup on the skin can also cause pigmentation.

In addition, cleansing will also influence the effectiveness of products applied afterwards.

A few weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a full bottle Total Cleansing Oil in 150ml. Many thanks to Clarins Singapore.

Clarins, being the forerunner by creating its 100% Plant Oils which today sell over a million bottles around the world, developed the new formula cleanser in 2012.


Total Cleansing Oil

S$50 for 150 ml & S$95 for 400ml

Total Cleansing Oil, available in 2 bottle sizes (150ml and 400ml), is launching in June 2012.

Total Cleansing Oil, designed specially for Asian women, is a high performance and high tolerance cleanser which eliminates even the most resistant makeup. This new improved formula cleanser, replacing the Clarins Pure-Melt which has since discontinued, is enriched with a combination of two 100% organic plant oils – perilla oil and olive oil.

Perilla oil (Perilla ocymoides), originating from Asia, is known in Japan as “shiso”. It has long been used for its aromatic properties and the medicinal benefits of the oil extracted from its seeds. It is an oil with one of the highest levels of omega 3, essential fatty acids the body is unable to synthesize. It is known for its capacity to soothe skin irritation.

Olive tree (Olea europaea), a sacred tree in the Mediterranean region, has an exceptional lifespan. In Ancient Greece, olive oil was a forerunner of soap and used for a long time as an essential cleansing product, as well as a special ointment. It has widely recognized antioxidant and anti-dehydrating properties.


Total Cleansing Oil has a very fine light texture that is specially designed to quickly dissolve all oily residues and impurities. It glides on skin easily and leaves no oily traces on the skin.

Then on contact with water, the oil transforms into a fresh, milky emulsion which helps carry away all traces of make-up.

To test the cleansing efficacy, I first applied some makeup on my hand that include (from right) lipstick, high pigment eyeshadow, mascara, waterproof liquid eyeliner and lip gloss.

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Find Out What Are The Exclusive Great Bargains (Up To 40% Savings) At Perfumes & Cosmetics @ Changi Airport


I’m a skincare junkie and I absolutely love shopping around for skincare products.

When it comes to best bargain on skincare products, I find that nothing beats Perfumes & Cosmetics @ Singapore Changi Airport! Do you know I can actually save up to 40% off downtown prices when I shop at Perfumes & Cosmetics? What’s more, I can also save the 7% GST when I shop at the airport too.

With these irresistible offers, I will make it a point to stock up my beauty products at airport whenever I’m traveling abroad. And that is why I even hardly buy any beauty products at the downtown departmental stores unless I’m running out of a beauty product or urgently in need of it.

I’m pleasantly surprised to learn that there are over 120 international beauty brands at the 22 Perfumes & Cosmetics stores at Changi Airport.

Changi Airport’s Perfumes & Cosmetics stores, managed by Nuance-Watson, offer a ‘lowest price’ guarantee. Their product prices are reviewed each month to ensure that they are lower, or at least as competitive as some leading Asia-Pacific airports and local downtown department stores.

Below are some of the great finds that I came across during my recent visit to at the Perfumes & Cosmetics (P&C) stores at Changi Airport. Apart from great prices, there are travel exclusives and limited edition sizes that are not available anywhere else. Do note that the prices are adjusted monthly according to currency movements, to ensure that they are the most competitive in the region.

This Travel Exclusive Lancome Genifique Concentrate in 100ml (far left) is a super great buy! Retailing at only S$201 for a big 100ml bottle (exclusively available at Changi Airport only), you are actually paying less and getting more! At downtown departmental stores, it will cost you S$170 for a 50ml bottle and S$210 for a 75ml bottle.

Spotted this latest Travel Exclusive Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Trio Pack at Perfumes & Cosmetics, retailing at only S$95.50 for 3 mascaras (downtown price at S$50 each). By getting this Travel Exclusive pack, you can actually save up to S$50.50, which means you are saving close to S$17 per piece.

The NEW Lancome Rouge In Love lipstick line which has just been launched at departmental stores on 1st June, will soon be available at Changi Airport.

It is retailing at S$30.50 at Perfumes & Cosmetics stores and you can save S$9.50 (S$40 at downtown departmental stores).

My favorite Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler (usual price at S$32.00 at downtown departmental stores) is now priced at only S$18.20! You are saving S$13.80!


The Best Bargains on SK-II in Town!

Are you a fan of SK-II? You’ll be surprised that Perfumes & Cosmetics stores (I find) actually offer the best deals on SK-II products. I made a comparison recently and I’m pleasantly surprised that the retailing prices for SK-II products are actually lower at Perfumes & Cosmetics stores than in Japan. ˜º

You will be saving more than 34% for SK-II Whitening Spot Specialist 50ml (above) when you purchase it at Changi Airport, retailing at S$169 only. It will cost you S$258 at downtown departmental stores.

More bargains on SK-II products that I came across!

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