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A Sneak Preview – NEW StriVectin WH Photo-White Range


Recently, I was privileged to be invited to preview StriVectin newest and first whitening range – WH Photo-White which will be launching at all StriVectin stores in March 2012. It seems to be a glowing trend in cosmetics industry to launch whitening products especially during the month of February to April.

Having fun at the event, I was laughing at the polaroid of myself.

StriVectin, popular for its former famous deliver message “Better than Botox”, has recently revamped their products in August 2010.

StriVectin new improved formula NIA-114, a patented form of the skin nutrient niacin, is formulated with new more powerful collagen peptides to help rebuild skin layers and reduce all types of wrinkles in 8 weeks. StriVectin’s proprietary NIA-114 molecule, backed by over 30 global patents and 25 years of scientific study, was first discovered in skin cancer research to help rebuild skin layers. Proven to strengthen skin’s ability to fight off multiple signs of aging, NIA-114, over time, energizes skin, accelerating cell turnover.

Each of StriVectin range of products combine NIA-114 with another scientifically selected potent ingredient to help target a specific concern.

Many Asian women suffer from dull-looking skin, dark spots, discolorations and uneven skin tone. They long for a translucent, more even-looking and luminous complexion. To meet the demand of these aging skin concerns, StriVectin developed the new WH Photo-White.

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Create Your Own Avatar With Hypn´se Doll Eyes App To Win LANCOME Products!


Calling out all lovely readers of WomenLoveBeauty! Here’s an exciting giveaway that I bet you wouldn’t want to miss! Especially if you are a super big fan of Lanc´me products! ;-)


Create An Avatar Of Your Own To Win Lanc´me products!

There will be 3 Lucky Readers!

Coming 1st March 2012, Lanc´me will be launching the latest Hypn´se Doll Eyes.

And in conjunction with the launch of the new Hypn´se Doll Eyes, Lanc´me has developed an interesting and fun Hypn´se Doll Eyes App at Facebook that gives you a chance to create a dolly avatar of your own!

3 WomenLoveBeauty readers, who have created their own version of avatar, will each win a Ombr© Absolue Impact 3D (color varies) and the newest Hypn´se Doll Eyes Mascara (deluxe size)!

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Introducing The NEW Za True White Plus Liquid Foundation & Deep Cleansing Oil In Large Size


2 weeks ago, I was invited to the Za press event to preview their newest whitening liquid foundation – Za True White Plus Liquid Foundation.

The private media event at Selfish Gene Caf©, attended by people from media and Watsons, was held during the day hence I was the only beauty blogger at the event. As the cafe is very near to my office, I took a late lunch to attend the event. A separate preview event will be arranged for the bloggers who couldn’t turn up.

Myself (right) with Stephanie from Watsons.

Celebrity Makeup Artist Larry Yeo was being invited to give a presentation on the new product and perform a product makeup demonstration on a model.

Based on the research conducted by Za HQ, it has shown that Asian women in their 20s use foundation to cover up skin imperfections such as dark spots, pores, patchiness, uneven skin tones and also to achieve a brighter skin tone. Survey has also been done and concluded that most Asian women prefer to use liquid foundation and yearn to have whitening benefits in the foundation.

Since the launch of Za in 1997, the brand has won numerous awards with their various best-selling foundations and base including Za Skin Beauty 2-Way Foundation, Za True White Plus 2-Way Foundation and Za Concealer Perfection.

And now in 2012, Za is proud to launch their newest whitening liquid foundation that is based on the target group’s preferences to help conceal imperfections while providing a brighter skin tone.

Za True White Plus Liquid Foundation is formulated with Bright White Complex which comprises of Spotless Brightening Powder and Poreless Powder that help minimize dark spots, freckles and pores and achieves a radiant translucent finish.

Vitamin E provides antioxidant benefit and Vitamin C derivative inhibits melanin production and reduces the look of pigmentation.

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Limited Edition New MAKE UP FOR EVER Spring 2012 La Boh©me Collection


Time really flies! Let’s say goodbye to Winter and welcome Spring! Truly, Spring is my most favorite season of the year though I don’t get to enjoy the 4 seasons in Singapore. I extremely adore all the pastel, bright and lively colors during the Spring season.

In this Spring 2012, for the first time MAKE UP FOR EVER takes a Bohemian approach and launches its Spring 2012 La Boh©me Collection that includes the Limited Edition La Boh©me Eyeshadow Palette, a new shade La Boh©me Aqua Eye Pencil and 2 new shades of Limited Edition La Boh©me Natural Lipstick.

I was extremely delighted upon receiving a set of the new limited edition Spring 2012 La Boh©me Collection plus a Long Wear Eyelid Primer. I must say I actually love this collection very much! I actually fell in love with the eyeshadow palette at first sight!


MAKE UP FOR EVER Spring 2012 La Boh©me Collection

Inspired by the 70′s Bohemian style, Spring 2012 La Boh©me Collection is perfect for those with a carefree and bold attitude. This limited edition collection is designed in floral motifs, embroidery, prints and patchwork.

Limited Edition La Boh©me Eyeshadow Palette, retailing at S$59, comes with 6 new limited edition shades in the favorite Spring pastel tones. Designed by Dany Sanz, in a completely homemade creation made of recyclable cardboard with bold patchwork of Bohemian-inspired 70′s floral motifs.

This paraben-free formulated La Boh©me Palette contains 6 eyeshadow shades with pearly or sparkle finishes for easy mix and match combination : Parma Violet (sparkle finish), Natural Green (pearly finish), Beige (pearly), Brown (sparkle), Lagoon Green (sparkle) and Coral (sparkle).

The fine texture comes with 50% pearly particles and glide on with fingertips or a brush for 2 different results : applied dry for a sheer luminous and natural effect or wet for an intense look, filled with pearly particles.

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Guest Blogger Dr. Irwin – Anti-Aging Beyond The Face


Womenlovebeauty’s guest blogger Dr. Brandith Irwin who has been a guest medical expert on The Oprah Winfrey Show and the Weekend Today Show, provides beauty tips on anti-aging, my favorite beauty topic ever.


Anti-Aging Beyond The Face

When we think of anti-aging treatments we automatically think about the face. But don’t forget that the neck, chest and hands age too! In order to look flawlessly youthful, it is a good idea to treat all of these areas so you have an even look.

Laser treatments, chemical peels and injectables are common non-invasive anti aging treatments for the face that can also be applied to the neck, chest and hands.

The skin on your neck and chest is usually exposed to the sun just as much as your face, but not everyone remembers to apply sunscreen to these areas. Therefore this skin can become damaged. Laser resurfacing treatments, like fractional CO2 or Fraxel, or IPL can remove the sun damage, brown spots and wrinkles on your neck and chest, leaving all of your skin looking smooth, fresh and youthful.

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Doll Yourself Up With Lanc´me NEW Hypn´se Doll Eyes Mascara


In January 2012, I was extremely excited to attend my first Lanc´me event of the year, to preview the newest Lanc´me products that will be launching in March 2012.

This exclusive private Lanc´me event was held at Ion Sky @ level 57 at Ion Orchard.

Upon reaching the venue, I was greeted by the stunning scenery with a 360º view of Singapore! WOW!!! Isn’t it beautiful?

The event actually began with the presentation of a new whitening product that will be launching in March 2012. I intend to reveal more about this new revolutionary whitening product in my next Lanc´me post in 2 weeks’ time. Do stay tuned.

And now, let’s go for something more fun and the interesting part of the event – contemporary 60′s retro makeup with Hypn´se Doll Eyes!


NEW Hypn´se Doll Eyes Mascara & Limited Edition Ombr© Absolue Impact 3D

Immediately upon the whitening presentation, we were led to another exciting area to preview the super 60′s “The Doll Eyes” Look, introducing the new Ombr© Absolue Impact 3D and Hypn´se Doll Eyes Mascara.

The whole place is decorated in the soft girly pink hue 60′s theme that looks real cool and flirty.

The “Doll Eyes” Look by Lanc´me is inspired by the wide-eye doll look in the 60′s.

Love the big round eyes look with the iconic 60′s doll-like lashes. Does the 60′s doll-like lashes resemble Barbie doll to you?

These looks can be achieved with the newest Limited Edition Ombr© Absolue Impact 3D and Hypn´se Doll Eyes Mascara. First, trace the fine Artliner line on the upper eyelid, starting from inner corner of the eye and thickening as you go along to the outer corner to accentuate the eyeshadow. And complete the look by drawing 3 thin lines from the outer eye corner under the lower lashes to beautifully open eyes for a Doll Eyes “doll-lash” effect.

Like the way they play with the colors and accentuate the inner eye areas on the sides of the nose. Limited Edition Ombr© Absolue Impact 3D and Hypn´se Doll Eyes Mascara are extremely suitable for all skin tones including fair, tan and dark.

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Introducing The NEW Dr. Andrew Weil For Origins Mega-Bright Skin Illuminating Collection


Last month, I have shared with my readers my first preview test panel for a new Origins revolutionary skin brightening serum that is launching in February 2012 and my short review after using it for 28 days.

And now I’m introducing you the NEW Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Bright Skin Illuminating Collection.

Origins Mega-Bright Skin Illuminating Collection, officially launched in February 2012, comprises of Skin Illuminating Cleanser, Skin Illuminating Treatment Lotion, Skin Illuminating Serum, Skin Illuminating Moisturizer and SPF 40 / PA +++ Skin Illuminating UV Face Protector. Please see below for product details.

This brightening collection, a collaboration with Andrew Weil (world-renowned pioneer in integrative medicine), uses natural ingredients to correct the past and present future skin damage caused by UV exposure, oxidative stress and even fatigue.

Andrew Weil, Harvard-trained medical doctor and botanist, has found that inflammation, which cause irritation in skin, is “the root cause of the most common and serious disease of aging.” When inflammation occurs, pigment-producing cells are signaled to overproduce, and therefore resulting in skin discoloration, uneven skin tone and dullness. In addition, Asian skin (with genetically thinner skin) is naturally more prone to dark spots and discoloration.

To tackle this root cause, Andrew Weil and Origins introduce the NEW Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Bright Skin Illuminating Collection. This revolutionary collection helps keep irritation at bay, so melanin production isn’t triggered, which in turn reduces skin discoloration, dark spots, uneven skin tone and prevent future pigment formation. It instantly brighten skin, improve clarity and radiance.

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NEW Clarins Gloss Prodige Intense Colour & Shine Lip Gloss


A few days before Lunar New Year, I’ve received a surprise parcel from Clarins Singapore and it contains 3 new Gloss Prodige Intense Colour & Shine Lip Gloss from the Colour Breeze Spring Make-up Collection.

The 3 colors I’ve received are 03 Rose, 06 Raspberry and 08 Papaya.

The model is wearing 03 Rose color.

This Spring, Clarins Singapore launches the season’s latest Gloss Prodige Intense Colour & Shine Lip Gloss from the Colour Breeze Spring Make-up Collection. These newest Gloss Prodige will be launched at all Clarins beauty counters from 1st February 2012.


Clarins Gloss Prodige – S$35 / 6ml

8 new delicious flavored vibrant shades

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Review – Luminaze Catalytic Skin Tone Illuminator & Dark Spot Corrector


Late last year in 2011, I’ve received a new skin lightening product – Luminaze Catalytic Skin Tone Illuminator & Dark Spot Corrector from Clariancy Singapore.

Clariancy Singapore, partnering with Syneron Beauty, has obtained the exclusive distributorship for the Luminaze Catalytic Skin Tone Illuminator & Dark Spot Corrector (retailing at S$175) in Singapore and Malaysia.

What make me curious to try this product is that it said to contain a natural occurring biological enzyme, LIP, that is more effective than prescription 2% hydroquinone.

Hydroquinone, often known as skin bleach, is a ingredient that is commonly used for skin lightening. It can be found in lightening serums and creams at both over-the-counter or in higher concentrations, prescribed dermatologist and plastic surgeons. Unfortunately this melanin cell blocking chemical is actually banned in parts of Europe and all throughout Asia due to the studies that prolonged use of hydroquinone can cause a condition where skin develops thick, dark patches or even blue-black skin and it is believed to cause cancer.

Luminaze contains no hydroquinone and its patented Active Luminaze Enzyme LIP is claimed to break down melanin for a visible improvement in the appearance of dark spots, acne scars and overall evenness of skin tone in only 7 days. It’s clinically proven to work better and faster than the leading prescription ingredient, and it’s gentle enough to use every day with limited potential for skin irritation.

Luminaze is claimed to help provide a fairer and radiance skin in just 28 days that is scientifically proven with clinical trials conducted worldwide.

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